Good Evening, RVA: March 25th, 2016

Good-and-great Friday!

Photo by Luke Witt

It was a good day in RVA.

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VCU-Davidson (211)

Photo by Will Weaver

First, the sports

Sunday was a real bummer for VCU basketball fans, and Aaron Williams knows it, but he wants us to think of this season as a phenomenal triumph for a new coach and a program that can’t be stopped.

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Second, the sports, too!

The circle of life! Basketball ends for Richmond-area fans, but soccer begins! The season officially kicks off for the Kickers tomorrow. Here’s what you need to know, courtesy of Matt Myers.

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poetry slam

Photo by Very Quiet

Third, the teens!

Intern Chris has a whole lot of nerve…who does he think he is, giving teens more than five things to do? And none of them are “be seen and not heard!” We’ll get him in check, don’t worry.

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Photo by woodleywonderworks.

Fourth, the eggs

It’s always stressful to try to figure out exactly what to do for Easter–for me at least. Valerie Catrow has given all of us many options, and me one personalized option. BRB, off to Tuckahoe Plantation.

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Fifth, Jack Berry

Welp, it’s official. Venture Richmond’s Jack Berry is stepping down. That’s almost certainly because he’s running for mayor. Lisa Sims is now in charge as Interim Executive Director.

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Sixth, the goat

I love Goatocado’s quinoa bowls, and I love that building on Main Street that looks like it’s a hangar for some sort of windcopter. What even IS a windcopter? I made it up! Anyway, the two are becoming one, in classic Spice Girls style!

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Seventh, the bad news

Guys, there were two separate and probably unrelated murders last night. One in Mosby Court and one on 29th and Y Streets, both in the East End. This brings this year’s murder count to 15 (some reports say 16, based on a homicide committed in December, for which the victim died in January). Either way, that’s far too many homicides for less than three months in Richmond. Let’s say that we continue at this rate–that’d put us at 60 homicides for the year. Just about 20 more than last year. All but one of them–which was a child abuse situation–were committed with guns. The cycle of poverty in Richmond is real and it’s not going anywhere. More on this this year, and it won’t be beautiful to read about, but it’s time to stop reading about only the beautiful things.

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But for now, watch every second of this

Each one is completely inspiring!

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