Good Evening, RVA: March 23rd, 2016

Complaint! Complain complain-complainer bugs-in-our-face complain!

Photo by Rick Chittick

It was an allergic day in RVA.

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Photo by: HereIsTom

Don’t go near the flowers

If you’re suffering from allergies, there’s one thing here that you should probably avoid. Unless you’re allergic to soccer, which could maybe be a thing. Here’s 5 things for you to do with your family this weekend!

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Body-worn camera

All itchy, watery eyes on you

The Richmond Police Department recently adopted body-worn cameras, and the ACLU of Virginia has some concerns that localities using the BWCs aren’t doing enough to protect citizens’ privacy. But the intent of them is so good! It’s…much more interesting than it sounds.

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What's the plan

Delightful, non-sneezing voices

Giles Harnsberger of Groundwork RVA and our own publisher Ross Catrow present the first episode of their urban planning podcast, What’s the Plan? I have a hard time getting into podcasts sometimes, guys, but Giles is fascinating to listen to and is a wealth of knowledge about Richmond planning lore. We annoyingly ask her for expertise for just about every City-related piece we write, so we decided to just bring it straight to you. The first episode of What’s the Plan involves the process in which ideas become reality–like, here! Specifically in Richmond. I’m very excited about this.

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This could make your allergies feel either better or worse

Or possibly somewhere in between. The Mayor, the Office of Community Wealth Building, and some other folks spoke yesterday about how we’re doing in the Big Battle Against Our Soaring Poverty Rate.

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Time to Benadryl and chill

Marble book covers! Yes.

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