Good Evening, RVA: March 21st, 2016

Defeat is not wonderful.

Photo by James H. Loving

It was a dispirited day in RVA.

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Rabbit in a hat

Photo by: ShellyS

Sigh, the kids

It’s Spring Break next week, and you really should find something for your kids to do. It’ll be rough on you if you don’t. But life is really rough, isn’t it?

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Photo by Tim Kelley.

Come on over to Virginia, I guess

Even though our basketball dreams are dashed due to last night’s loss in the NCAA tournament (that’s why I’m sighing, by the way), we still want people to visit our town, no matter what their sexual orientation is. There’s reasons why there’s such a big push for this, which Rachel Marsh will tell you all about. Although honestly, I don’t know why anyone would come see a bunch of people who are moping about, kicking cans and surreptitiously wiping away tears.

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Photo by Daniel Novta.

Well, THIS certainly isn’t going to make anyone feel any better

Teresa Cole is so smart, it’s depressing. She went through the 500 pages of documents that comprise the school board/superintendent proposal and the City’s budget–and then she simplified it for us! Unfortunately, the results aren’t so great, but hey, at least we know how to read a budget now. Things are looking up!

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Not great news for Northsiders

But, OK, fine, good news for Fan residents. Early Bird Biscuit has closed up shop and will reopen in the Fan on Robinson street shortly.

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Whoa, this just turned everything right around

Life is wonderful! Defeat happens! Boaty McBoatface!

— ∮∮∮ —


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