Good Evening, RVA: March 18th, 2016

We were too nervous about basketball.

It was a distracted day in RVA.

Photo by cpjRVA

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Better future fund

Something about winning money for college

Valerie Catrow reports about a contest, I think, about a fund that starts 529 accounts for fifth graders. Cool! And also, my bracket is doing pretty well!

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A cat in a hat

Photo by: K-nekoTR

Teens, cats, or maybe teenage cats? I forget.

Chris Bolling probably put together 5 Things for Teens for this weekend. At least I hope so, because we published it. If you’re of the teenage persuasion, you might be into reading it.

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 Wait, don’t tell me. Italian theater? Is that right?

Italian people are so interesting to me…for about five seconds today before my mind turns to basketball. Holly Gordon is less afflicted, thank goodness, and wrote a thing about Need Teatro’s rare US appearance with their play Toy’s Home. I barely remember anything about this except that it’s IN Italian with English subtitles, which is neat.

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Another sport of some sort

Kickers have begun to bring their red army up against anyone who dares to challenge them. Or so I’ve heard. I can’t be bothered. Here’s Matt Myers’s take.

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What is it now? Could you leave me alone please? Fine, here you go, Heaton took gorgeous photos of flowers in the Fan.

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Now THIS I can get into!

LOL, basketball player. LOL.

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