Good Evening, RVA: Many trades

Restauranting, bridaling, beer-pouring, and doing-it-up-ing.

Photo by @ride_the_cliche

It was a dry day in RVA!

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Seafood salad! OK!

Stephanie Ganz has a very jam-packed Food News for us today (although don’t expect actual jam to be in there, you will be disappointed, and dammit, now I’M disappointed). There’s pickles and Lebanese food and beer and awards and all sorts of other stuff.

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Photo by: CabooseSpiceCo

Get thee to the other capital!

…And the other four things Rachel Marsh has picked out for you this weekend. I’m particularly excited about the Cap2Cap, not that I’m doing it (that would require too much exertion), but I love the idea of it!

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Annalise Bridal

Here’s a peek at Annalise

I went down a very, very uncharacteristic rabbit hole of wedding gowns after this interview. What even possessed me to look at so many! I even had opinions, and usually gowns just blur together into “big expensive white dress” territory (the worst territory!). Well, here comes Lindsay Livesay and Annalise Bridal Boutique to change my crotchety old mind.

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Bucket Trade Petersburg

And here’s one at the Bucket Trade

Whoa! Pour your own beer is a thing, and we’ve got a place that does it! Well, they’re moving to Petersburg, but that’s no thing–just make a weekend out of it. Rachel Marsh brings you all the info on the Bucket Trade.

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“Recorder fun!”

Recorders: good idea until someone decides to play one in your house, or in a group, or at all.

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