Good Evening, RVA: January 5th, 2016

Read all of these stories, and then burn them to stay warm.

Photo by @pdkeiper

It was a dang cold day in RVA.

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Photo by: rokebola

100% relatable feels for parents

We do a lot of family stuff. Some say too much! Some say too little! Some don’t say anything at all because they are still reading things in print! This Raising Richmond piece by Hayley DeRoche perfectly captures what the passage of time is like. We are very proud of her, but we prefer to be steely robots who care little. Way, way easier.

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This might send you down a Zelda theme song performance rabbit hole

But there are worse rabbit holes to go down! Andrew Cothern brings us his picks for live music in January.

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MLK monument

Photo by: Daquella manera

Festival of ice!

If live music’s not your thing, maybe festivals are? Slim pickings in January, but our festival-obsessed town perseveres despite the cold and barren festival landscape.

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In reading through the bookworm Wikipedia page, we found the Deathwatch Beetle page which is just as interesting. Deathwatch Beetle larvae can burrow through books if they’re nearby, but unfortunately (for them) the composition of modern books makes them unappealing to the grubby bugs. Totally unrelated to all of this is the book sale going on this weekend at the Richmond Public Library. Books! Check ’em out! Or bore through them like a gross beetle larvae!

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We should have more PSAs

Do you transport yourself about Richmond on one of its many trails? If so, you should watch this PSA.

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This lady went on a date with that PharmaBro guy and wrote about it in the Washington Post

It was a pretty OK date.

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