Good Evening, RVA: January 4th, 2015

Resolved: Be perfect in every way.

Michael Chronister

It was a bright day in RVA.

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Do you miss 2015?

If so–and if you have a couple of hours to kill–maybe more than a couple–OK, maybe a hundred–[you might want to check out our 2015 Year in Review roundups. They’re broken out by quarter, then month, for your easy perusing. It’s like a time machine with Susan Howson as your friendly guide, a guide prone to oration now and again!

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JR and Val kids run

You know how kids like to run around?

Maybe channel that energy in a straight line–it’s super fun and rewarding, says Valerie Catrow of the Virginia 529 Kids Run. 

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Photo by Frederick Turko, Fred + Elliott Photography

Cleansing locally

You might have strong feelings about the idea of “a cleanse.” Scoff! Gasp! Huh? Yes, please! If you choose to do an intensive thing that may or may not rid your body of disgusting guilt, there are lots of local companies that are here to help you along. It’s Stephanie Ganz who tells us so, of course.

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Angry Coach Wade

Photo by Will Weaver.

Two games, all sorts of players leaping in the air

Plus one sign that just says “SPORTS”.

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Photo by Trevor Dickerson

This season, Lady Mary finally dissolves into pale nothingness

Downton Abbey is back for its final season, and Richmonders came out in force to celebrate this occasion. This means, as you might guess, costumes. 

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On a darker note

2015 brought with it a count of 40 homicides. There’s some conversation about whether the last one, which involved a victim who was stabbed in 2015 and died of his stab wounds in 2016, was in 2015 or 2016. We went with 2015. We’ve already got at least one homicide in 2016, so let’s go ahead and give this year a fighting chance with those stats. We’ll be covering homicides a little differently this year, focusing on the victim and the investigation, so stay tuned.

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Mystery solved

It’s a new year, time to learn new skills

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