Good Evening, RVA: January 26th, 2016

Is that even the right date? Who knows anymore.

Photo by @jvinrva

It was a shovely day in RVA.

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Where we’re going we…actually, we need roads

Find your neighborhood and tell people what you know about the roads that are good to go, and the roads that suck. So far, we haven’t seen a lot of the former.

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Photo by: rvaphotodude

It’s like Ross and Rachel’s planetarium date!

Complete with juice boxes, probably! Get your kid (or troupe of kids) to a Science Museum Camp In, which sound incredibly fun. We also wonder what Valerie Catrow isn’t telling us about her experience–be honest, Val…did things come alive after hours?

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Photo by: geek4rent

This could change the way we eat and drink

Stephanie Ganz’s own spirit clearly swelled up mightily when talking to Chrysalis Institute’s Executive Director Rachel Douglas. Their theme this spring is how eating fuels your soul, not just your bod. It sounds fascinating and seriously useful in accomplishing many of our 2016 goals.

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Booze bottles alcohol

Photo by: MDMA.

This could change the way we eat and drink…at restaurants

Efforts roll along once again to change the food-to-liquor ratio that has kept Virginia from having any real bars. We had no idea that there was legit opposition to this that wasn’t from teetotalers–turns out there is, and it kind of makes sense!

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No bs brass band

Are tiny desks the new tiny houses? Tonight at 11!

NPR’s Tiny Desk competition is HERE and NOW and IN YOUR FACE! Or, just, on the Internet, whatever. Join other Richmond bands as they upload their performances into the cloud of anticipated victory! The one catch, you have to do the performance at a tiny desk, although it looks like “at” and sometimes even “tiny” are taken with a grain of salt.

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Washing mashines…ON TRAMPOLINES!

If “The Man Show” ended with this every night, maybe we would have been more into it.

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