Good Evening, RVA: January 26th, 2016

This constant drip-drip-dripping is not helping our intense cabin fever.

Photo by cpjRVA

It was a melty day in RVA.

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General assembly

Domestic violence and the law!

Well, it turns out that nobody enjoys the idea of domestic violence, and these bills will (if passed) attempt to prevent domestic violence by enforcing protective orders and by treating domestic violence as a felony. It also asks for funding for firearms training for victims. It’s a tricky situation! And backed by the GOP, no less!

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Gun cowboy

Photo by: The U.S.

Guns and the law!

Speaking of firearms, there’s a push by this one guy (Del. Lingamfelter is his name) (he is also behind a huge chunk of the pro-gun legislation up for grabs this year) (see our Firerarms Legislation roundup) (and here’s another parenthetical statement) (and another) (OK done). He would like to delay McAuliffe’s reciprocity revocation because he thinks it is bad for biz. Concealed carry reciprocity seems like it would be an entirely simple matter, but that just is not the case.

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You need to read this more than you think you do

This Raising Richmond piece by Sam Davies inspired at least two of us to wonder how to get more mindless LEGO sorting into their lives–whether a child is around or no. Wonder how RVA News in Brick would handle that headline! Meta!

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This one requires no reading at all!

VCU pwned St. Bonaventure on Sunday, and also a couple got engaged via a promotion, which you probably find super romantic or entirely unromantic, depending on your emotional makeup. Here are the pics.

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Teens, know that online meanness hurts feelings

Good on you, Andy Jenks!

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