Good Evening, RVA: January 19th, 2016

So much content already this week. It’s so you can stock up on it before WEATHER HITS.

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It was a biting day in RVA.

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But, but…what if it’s Mister Rogers??

Hayley DeRoche is still doing her darndest to keep her daughter away from screens, but it totally sucks and she’s not afraid to admit it.

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General assembly

It is 2016 and this is still a thing

The GA’s got a bill this year that will ban conversion therapy. And it’s failed twice before! This statement from the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality sure is assuming a whole heck of a lot about a professional’s ability to assess family dynamics: “‘No ethical licensed professional would agree to counsel with an adolescent client who was being forced into therapy.'”

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Magnet poetry

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Writing incessantly about the BRT is KIND OF like poetry, right?

These local poets make us feel really untalented, dag nabbit. Brett Stonecipher talks to Allison Titus, Joshua Poteat, Brynne Rebele-Henry, Gregory Donovan, and Michele Poulos about the stuff they’ve published, their writing process, and how their secret dream is to one day write for a local online news magazine. If only that last part were true, but it is not. We’re on our own here–poetless.

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Keep an eye out for the sequel, “A Deer’s Reevaluated Life”

David Shultz discovers the RPD’s new K-9 training facility over in what more accurately deserves to be called Dogtown–that area of Northside where the City puts things it doesn’t know what else to do with, an area that also includes a radical dog park! Anyway, the history of police dogs in Richmond is pretty interesting!

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Will Texas Beach be the new Maggie Walker tree?

The small entrance to a path that leads to a little stretch of riverbank may get improved, and Storefront for Community Design would like to clear up some facts while also asking you to tell them what you want. REPEAT: They are directly asking for your feedback–yes, you, enraged Facebook commenter! Please go fill out their thing so you can impact the end product!

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LOL, Jerry Mandering

The best part is that this video by OneVirginia2021 is going to be part of a series. They’ve figured out the secret! Make a funny thing and we will all be open to learning from it!

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