Good Evening, RVA: January 15th, 2016

Whatta week, whatta week.

Photo by Suzanne Birkeland

It was a grey and juicy day in RVA.

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Photo by Will Weaver

One butts with horns, one stings with venom

Which one are you more afraid of? It’s Spiders vs. Rams time! It’s both the best and worst time of the year, depending on how disrespectful of a fan you are talking to. Aaron Williams tells you what to expect.

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Photo by: Le living and co.


Many things to celebrate this weekend, and many opportunities to celebrate them! The Richmond Jewish Food Festival, the Freedom Classic Festival, MLK Day stuff, and the Blue Bee Cider release party are our picks. But if you can think of one this weekend that isn’t on our list, feel free to stand outside your place of residence, angle yourself towards the Fan, and shout the festival’s name to us. Odds are, somebody will hear you!

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Photo by: mezzoblue

You’ve been doing everything wrong!

And your ankles are going to pay for it! But for real, this piece by Kathryn Pullam is seriously motivating to get your running feet over to a store dedicated to running shoes and get them to analyze your beautiful, gazelle-like gait. Oh, is it just us that run like the graceful dancers of the Serengeti? Woops, our mistake.

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Photo by: studentofrhythm

Get that teen angst out on paper

Sign your kid up for a Richmond Young Writers class and you’ll almost certainly be doing them a world of good. Is it possible that we think that just because we’re writers? Let us ask you this: is Robert our father’s brother?

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Will the circle be unbroken?

Hopefully not, in that we hope the owners of Bell Café can make a delicious and lasting business out of that seemingly doomed Forest Hill spot. Oh, also Stroop’s has beer.

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Let’s get our priorities straight here

Hoverboards should be banned from VCU because they’re super lame. But safety is maybe OK, too.

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Well, this is…something

Many cringes!

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