Good Evening, RVA: January 13th, 2016

Ups and downs today. Maybe we should meditate on it.

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It was a passin’ and runnin’ day in RVA.

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Fatal accident by Maymont

Helene Day, a 71-year-old Richmonder, was injured in a head-on collision with another car on the 2600 block of Park Drive last night around 7:00 PM and died at the hospital. Charges are expected, say the police. Our condolences to her family and friends.

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Matzoh ball soup

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You’re going to want to get your weekend on lock

Because those kids don’t entertain themselves. Maybe sometimes they do, actually, but when you start to feel the pangs of guilt that they have been watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on your iPad for seven hours, it’s time to consider reading Valerie Catrow’s 5 Things for Families. It includes food. And service. But not putting them to work in the food-service industry, because that might be a little much.

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Meditation, revealed

The point is trying to meditate! Not to actually meditate! Dang, who knew? This piece, which is part of our annual Fitness Guide is written by one of our very favorite local authors, Rachel Machacek. She is full of entertaining and uplifting info.

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Bed of money

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Get pinching

Amanda Gibson is back for your monthly dose of financial wisdom. To start the year off right, she delivers her very favorite ways to save. Contained within: permission to just call and yell at your cable, internet, or wireless provider once a month. Sometimes it makes you money! And let’s be honest, it just feels good.

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It’s Richmond Jewish Food Festival time

This Sunday and Monday, you can eat your fill of stuffed cabbage, matzoh ball soup, and hamantaschen. And you better get a lot, because Stephanie Ganz’s bubbe will be really concerned if you don’t. Here is our guide to the whole thing!

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:'( again

Still sad. Sad forever.

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