Good Evening, RVA: January 12th, 2016

Some things to read when we all get back to our Do It Centers for the evening!

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It was a snickerdoodle day in RVA.

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Warning: You will immediately want to order Pizza Hut, despite consequences

It’s just so delicious. Sam’s wife and daughters leave him to fend for himself for one day, which he in theory should know how to do, as he is a healthy, employable adult. But he devolves into a jersey clad, heartburn-riddled, couch potato. Turns out we need our families.

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Dollar signs

Photo by: Seth Thomas Rasmussen

We’re pretty much in agreement–schools don’t get enough money

There’s a good 20% that says “Yes, education in Virginia needs more money,” but does not want to pay more taxes in order to fund it. There’s a really good It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode that addresses this very thing!

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ABCD banner created over the course of a four-day conference Cheryl attended in London.

She might be more awesome than you

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to everything Cheryl Groce-Wright has to say. Her YWCA fellowship has allowed her to travel around, looking for new ways to get Richmond communities to work together. Now she’s back with a whole lot of food for thought.

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RIP, Pleasants (as we knew it)

Another Richmond standby bites the dust. Pleasants Hardware announced its sale to Taylor’s Do It Centers, a Virginia Beach company with the giggliest name we’ve ever heard. Thanks to Trevor Dickerson for reporting on this.

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Photo by: TexasEagle

Join the 10k training team! For free!

Yep, Sports Backers has given us one entry to the YMCA 10k Training Team to give to YOU! Well, you if you’re the one chosen after you enter this form, that is. We’ll draw a winner on January 22nd and let that lucky athlete know via email. Also, that very link will give you a bunch of interesting information about the 10k itself!

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It’ll never not be sad, but at least we can remember the good times.

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