Good Evening, RVA: February 9th, 2016

A new festival! A new law! Some old facts about the Cary Street Gym’s history! And more!

Photo by EA Lee Photography

It was a fat day in RVA.

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A new festival for the restival!

The RVA East End Festival sounds pretty dang fun and we look forward to seeing the City and the Symphony flesh out the performance schedule.

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Snow door knob

Photo by: massdistraction

There’s no cure for cabin fever

Or is there? Sam Davies ruminates on wanting to hide under a blanket and avoid your entire family during a snowstorm.

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Texting while driving

Photo by: Bob Jagendorf

Please, do not kill us, it’s all we ask

There simply cannot be anything that important happening on social media that would require you to check it while you drive. Just say out loud “Cleverly worded political pwn. TV show someone likes. Kids say a darned thing. Article you will flag for reading later but probably won’t get to” over and over, and it’ll be just like being there. Anyway it’ll probably soon be against the law in Virginia to do just about anything on your phone except talk on it, and remember when even that was pushing it?

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Cary street gym

Photo by: Fire At Will [Photography]

Where you zumba, so walked your ancestors

We worked with VCU student Mary Kelly on this piece about the history of the Cary Street Gym/City Auditorium building. Rachmaninoff played there!? What!

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Few things are more delicious than a hot buttermilk biscuit, prepared in a good, traditional way. The original RVA Coffee Love turned RVA Pancake Love has expanded its mission of turning Valentine’s Day into a way of showing love to the homeless, into a way to literally give love to the homeless in the form of a hot biscuits and gravy meal in Monroe Park. Trevor Dickerson gets the details, and yes, you can still sign up to help set up and break down the event.

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Happy Carnival!

Today is Mardi Gras!

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