Good Evening, RVA: February 5th, 2016

Kids and basketball and art and, you know, BRT stuff.

Photo by i nikon

It was a speedy day in RVA.

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Children's museum

Photo by: bionicteaching

Kids and history and being better people in the future

Celebrate Black History Month at CMoR with a bunch of cool performances. Every Richmond-based human with children should attend at least one–but if all of you heed that call, parking will truly suck. Worth it?

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JeQuan Lewis

Don’t huzzah just yet, but don’t NOT huzzah just yet, Rams fans!

VCU is right smack in the middle of its conference schedule, and there have been nothing but wins. Everyone we know who is way into the Rams is holding their breath and unwilling to celebrate too much–but, guys, they’re gaining some real momentum over there in kind of an amazing way.

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GRTC pulse logo

It’s BRT support or detraction time!

Don’t miss the bus on either shouting at City Council in support of the BRT or shouting at them to banish all BRTs from the face of the earth! Here’s the most updated information, which includes a whole lot of Official Statements that are really, really worth your time.

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Raised hands

Photo by: gojeffrey

It’s a question of honor

A “loyalty oath” sounds like such a shady thing to even exist (plus, that paperwork!)–and the elections board has deemed it unacceptable for the GOP to require it from primary voters. The ACLU is saying “But wait, absentee voters have already submitted ballots! You can’t just change the rules!” The ACLU doesn’t even like the oath! BUT THAT HONOR!

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Art gallery

Directly after reading this…

It’s time to head downtown and get artistically walking, using our First Fridays roundup as your guide. It won’t be around for another entire month, and the sun is shining, and the weather isn’t too cold, and it’s not raining, so no excuses! Go get inspired.

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Romeo and juliet

Mayhap you could win two R&J tix!

That’s Shakespearean sounding, right? Actually, it doesn’t really matter, because at the Richmond Ballet’s Romeo Juliet, nobody speaks a word! Win two tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime performance.

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Huge relief!

You can continue to do a gross thing that you thought was maybe not OK!

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