Good Evening, RVA: February 4th, 2016

Just close your eyes and think about goats.

Photo by thartofcjs

It was a gloomyish day in RVA.

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Sodium week continues!

In Food News, there’s more for your Super Bowl, plus an update on Caliente, Publix, and some other stuff.

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Boulevard burgers

New, old, tasty

Maybe you missed these restaurants from last month! Or maybe you didn’t?

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Volunteers still needed, dang it

Go help children eat healthily at Richmond schools! What ELSE are you doing with your time? OK, working, that’s a good excuse, but the REST OF YOU!?

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Sam and Ross like things SARLT

A podcast for you

Sam and Ross are so charmingly posi, your gratitude for hearing happy thoughts will overshadow the nausea you normally feel around excessively positive people. This time around, they like giving each year a theme and also reading on a Kindle Paperwhite. These two things could even be combined into one, if you want!

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Oyster shells

Photo by: EEPaul

And some things to do

Mardi Gras hits Richmond this weekend, and also some other things probably do but we can’t remember them because we’re too busy throwing beads everywhere! Rachel Marsh has this and others all lined up for your enjoyment!

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William Tyler at Ipanema

Photo by PJ Sykes

For this evening’s listening pleasure

David Shultz has brought you William Tyler, Dave Watkins, Black Water Gold, and Nic Perea, tonight! Live! At Strange Matter! Well, he didn’t really BRING THEM to you so much as tell you about them, but it’s our Go Do This pick for right now, so, you know. Go to it and go do it.

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And now, some sad news…

A couple of days ago, Ericelle C. Coleman died from a gunshot wound he received in January, becoming Richmond’s fifth homicide in 2016. Then shortly thereafter, Velda L. Garner became the sixth–murdered by her boyfriend in Church Hill, the police think, who later shot himself over by the Martin Agency on Cary. That’s the first East End homicide this year and the first homicide committed in February.

— ∮∮∮ —

Just a baby goat, dressed as flowers, sleeping in a flower pot

It doesn’t make up for two homicides in one week, but it does help.

— ∮∮∮ —


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