Good Evening, RVA: February 29th, 2016

WTF kind of date is this?

Photo by cpjRVA

It was a damn pleasant day in RVA.

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A primary primer

Tomorrow is the day we’ll vote in the Republican of Democratic primary of your choosing (and you can only choose one). Here’s all the info you need to know.

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No cares no woes

Photo by: Peter Blanchard

Hello mudda, hello fadda

Well, parents. Valerie Catrow did it again. She put together a list of area day camps for you, so that you may enrich your child’s brain and/or strengthen their bodies while you earn your living this summer. If we missed your camp or we need to make a change, feel free to submit a correction or shoot us an email. Registration begins soon or has already begun! Get out your calendar!

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Pitch fork

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Real local, for real

Real Local RVA, says Stephanie Ganz, is the group of food people who might just give local agriculture the foothold it needs to sustain itself. This is a fascinating read about stuff you may have never thought about, such as the fact that it’s not enough that everyone wants local produce now. There’s other aspects to work out!

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No guns

Photo by: Scott Beale

You take the good, you take the bad

You take ’em both and there you have the Firearm Bills! The Firearm Bills! We’ve updated the status of the firearm legislation in front of the General Assembly. Unsurprisingly, more anti-gun-control stuff has passed than pro-gun-control. It’s pretty interesting to see what bills are lying dead on the assembly floor.

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All-negro comic

OMG Storm!

Francesca Lyn unloads a ton of knowledge about Black comic creators and Black comic book characters, which corresponds nicely to VCU’s acquisition of one of the comic world’s biggest treasures: All Negro Comics No. 1. It is beyond interesting and will send you down many pleasant rabbit holes and many weird rabbit holes too (Tijuana bibles! What in the!).

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Now it’s time to go to sleep, good night, good night

Listen up, babies. For some reason we’re supposed to soothe you to sleep because you can’t do it yourself, even though your life is pretty amazing and we wish someone would desperately want us to take a nap. But we can’t because we’re working, earning money, and using toilets–all things you don’t have to do! So quit your caterwauling and listen to the hypnotic sounds of local musicians who are pitching in to help you catch some tiny Zs.

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Lo! Here comes our venerable Darth! Rejoice! Rejoice!

The Imperial March in a major key is simply adorable.

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