Good Evening, RVA: February 1st, 2016

It began like a dream and is about to end LIKE A NIGHTMARE. If you have nightmares about thunderstorms, that is.

Photo by 1eyephotography

It was a summer day in RVA.

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A fun compromise

Some Senz and Delz got together with the Gov to do a little “We’ll agree to pass this if you agree to leggo my Eggo…if Eggo means gun reciprocity in 25 states.” As a result we have this so-called historic compromise, which revokes McAuliffe’s “no gun permits allowed if it’s from a state with woefully lax rules” thing and instead gives him a couple of other bills that would have probably died on the floor. Speaking of dying on the floor…

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No guns

Photo by: Scott Beale

Many dead at the State Capitol, many still in committee

Gun-related house and senate bills, that is. But the reason it exists is because of headlines like that! Some are trying desperately to pass laws that stave off efforts of 2nd Amendment-hating tree-huggers who want to strip us of our rights to protect ourselves, and some are trying desperately to pass laws that protect other humans from trigger-happy maniacs. As you can see, it’s really easy to go to extremes with rhetoric! Here’s how it all stands right now.

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Feel strongly about any of this stuff?

Don’t forget, the registration deadline for voting in the upcoming primary is one week from today. Get yo butts in gear!

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Lego calendar

Photo by: Pedro Vezini

Remembering Jonas

The Winter Storm Whom Real Meteorologists Dislike to Name has come and gone–seriously have you ever seen so much snow melt so quickly? Because of several days without school, many public school calendars have changed. Here are some adjusted dates that you’ll need to know about.

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BRT boardings map

Moneymoneymoneymoney! (BRT) MO-NEY!

We’re coming up to the end of the line for the BRT. A crossroads, if you will. These jokes would make more sense if the BRT were a light rail system, but it is not, it is a bus rapid transit system. City Council is voting next week instead of a week ago (thanks, Jonas) on whether or not to sign a project agreement with the counties etc., so Ross Catrow put together a little explainer on how much the thing will cost to run, which is often proclaimed to be the missing puzzle piece. Read up on all of our BRT FAQs and then contact your representative with your feelings before you miss the bus! (THERE it is!)

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King cake

Photo by: ericwagner

Buck up!

It’s not all state politics and firearms and local transportation issues and potentially terrifying primary elections. It’s also a bunch of festivals, including a few this very weekend!

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This is worth it for the photo alone

If this gives you any ideas, do not sue us if you cause damage. Just passing it along!

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