Good Evening, RVA: February 18th, 2016

Kick off your boots and plug in your phone—there’s a whole lot of content to read today.

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It was a frigging busy day in RVA.

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Trophies for all! Food is king! Check please!

Food News recounts the many ways that restaurateurs are celebrating each other really soon! It’s inspiring, really, as RVA media folks do not tend to celebrate each other. Unless tweeting at each other passive aggressively counts? Does it? Anyone? First one to find out gets to claim the scoop!

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Photo by: Ivan Constantin

What’s life like on the other side, bills?

Yesterday was the day when Virginia’s House and Senate stand on either side of Governor’s Street and physically toss bills to each other. Whichever ones are caught are considered still viable, but whichever ones land in the middle of the street are considered dead and left to sit in mournful silence for the customary 72 hours. Find out which notable ones made it into state lawmakers’ hot little hands and which ones are getting really familiar with the pavement.

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Wine corks

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And then there were five

Rachel Marsh is really good at sneaking a sixth, seventh, or even eighth thing into 5 Things and hoping we won’t notice. Oh, we notice, Rachel. We notice all over the place. Don’t think we don’t see your disgusting efforts to go above and beyond and give the people more options for things to do. The people want to stay HOME, Rachel. They want to be BORED. Don’t you know anything at all? At any rate, here are her 5 picks for you this weekend.

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VCU vs Rhode Island (101)

Marry me, Melvin!

These are some of the best VCU basketball game photos we’ve ever posted. Will Weaver sure made VCU vs. Rhode Island on Tuesday seem like a game that would have been fun to watch. If you instead were saving up your energy for the Rams vs. Spiders game tomorrow night, these pics will get you in the sportsfan mood.

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If we knew a Slayer lyric, it would go here

Video Games Live is finally beeping and booping it’s way into our hearts this weekend, and Slayer hits the week right in the Hump Day. Those are your live music picks for this weekend, but there are a couple more for the rest of the month.

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Sam and Ross like things SARLT

But does Sam like Ross and vice versa? That’s the real question.

Sam and Ross are back liking stuff for your listening pleasures. On this episode Sam talks about helping people and Ross can’t get enough of Apple Music. Saddle up your headphones and give it a listen on your evening commute.

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Stars in the sky

Photo by: Dave Dugdale

More Fascinating People for you to fall deeply in like with

Valley Haggard and Prabir Mehta are today’s picks, and last time we checked, there were LESS THAN FIVE tickets left. Does that make you yell a great big Cathy “AUGHHH”? Then get to this page!

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Cider! I don’t even know her!

The governor is stoked about Blue Bee’s relocation from Manchester to Scott’s Addition, and we are stoked on their upcoming panel on African Americans in the booze biz.

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Coupla updates

Remember our piece about the Public Art Commission? It has been updated with a fresh, new call for a new Visual Arts commission appointee! That jives nicely with an update to the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge artist news–there’s now a meet and greet with the chosen artist, Joshua Weiner.

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Ugh, humans

Three-year-old Latrice Walden is Richmond’s eighth homicide in 2016. It was difficult to even type that sentence. Her godmother has been charged with felony child neglect “with other charges pending.”

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You’re thinking of “salient”

Scalia is a 1990s R&B singer who died in a plane crash, far too young.

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