Good Evening, RVA: February 17th, 2016

It is the sun! Augh, what is this feeling—this vitamin D sensation!

Photo by Rick Chittick.

It was a something or other day in RVA.

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We refuse to really accept anything here, in case that wasn’t obvious

Some plans exist for the Westhampton Theater, but they were shot down. This gem, in case you were unaware, was supposed to be closed by the end of last year. Maybe it will never be! At any case, remember this piece we did about Westhampton memories? Developers don’t, because they keep on keeping on with their plans to turn it into condos. This particular plan was booted because the building would be too high, but rest assured there the neighborhood will go, one way or another.

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Photo by: tuaulamac

Distract your family with games and mayhem

If you can’t go to the Westhampton Theater (and you really can’t with your family, because the movies that show there are, unfortunately, only really pertinent to the 50 set, and as you can tell we have LOTS OF BITTER FEELINGS ABOUT THE ENTIRE AFFAIR) you can go play dominoes! Or watch basketball or trucks crush things or whichever of these five things you choose!

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Get a cup of coffee from a new coffeeplace

You’ll need it, after you’re up all night crying about what the Westhampton Theater COULD HAVE BEEN. Trevor Dickerson has a bunch of photos and words about Ironclad Coffee Roasters, which just opened in Scott’s Addition.

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Rap session

Photos by Frederick Turko of Fred + Elliott Photography.

Make bets on how many oysters you can consume in one sitting

Rapp Sessions is about to drop right into your life, and it will bring with it bushels of oysters as well as a bunch of other stuff. Stephanie Ganz will almost certainly be an everyday fixture there, just typing away as she slurps down oysters and tries to remember what her child looks like. Perhaps the movie about her sad decline into obsessive oyster fandom will be shown at the Westhampton Theat…OH WAIT!

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Photo by: Mission Bicycle

Consider the ripple effects

The bill that would have made bike helmet use mandatory for all bicyclists under 18 to wear a helmet has been killed. If you have a reasonable income and use your bike for recreation, you may not quite understand why, but think about the importance of bikes to low-income families. Sometimes they’re the only way to get to work, and no one wants to slap tickets on someone who is trying to get to work. I’m not explaining this well, but here’s the article that will help me out, here.

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Photo by Nick Henrick

Meet today’s FPs

What’s on the docket today? It’s Cheryl Groce-Wright and Sarah Fought! They have a combined fascination power of 56, which is a ton (our average fascination power as human beings hovers around 8.79). Learn more about them by clicking the links! Or just let yourself be surprised and grab a ticket before they sell out, which is happening really quickly.

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Sometimes these things are dumb, but…

Not this one. One book is enough!

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