Good Evening, RVA: February 12th, 2016

Listen up, lover, it’s Valentine’s Day weekend.

Photo by kaibassplayer73

It was a romantic day in RVA.

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Patient first

A bitter breakup

Patient First announced that it’ll no longer be accepting Anthem. This is a pretty big deal to a whole lot of people. Guys, insurance is so messed up.

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Jail cell

Photo by: Freaktography

Learning to establish healthier patterns

Yikes, were you aware that three times more kids in Virginia get sent straight from school to prison? The school-to-prison pipeline is a real thing, and we need to figure out how to stop it up real quick. This new LIFE program seems like it’s heading in the right direction.

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sarah and eric

The honeymoon stage

We asked if any couples would like Heaton Johnson to take their photos, and these couples responded. Warning: not safe for those going through a breakup.

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From left to right: Kevin Hann, Prabir Mehta, Kelly Galowina, and Justin Bartel

Initial chemistry

Prabir Mehta and Kevin Hann present the new podcast, Instant Everything, which takes whatever’s going on right now and tells you a lot of interesting facts about it. In this episode, the connection between Valentine’s Day and astronomy. Plus some interesting facts and a They Might Be Giants reference!

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Perfect dates

ChinaFest is this weekend, and we think you should read about it and the other festivals this month.

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bored teens

Photo by Muhammad Rehan

Young love

We also introduced 5 Things for Teens today, with the help of our guide to the teenage years (and RVANews intern), Chris Bolling.

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GRTC pulse logo


The BRT is here–in that it is voted on and passed and ready to roll forward! But what next? Turns out a lot.

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What is love?

I don’t know but I can do kicks.

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