Good Evening, RVA: December 8th, 2015

You’ll never believe where this new brewery is headed! JK, you totally will believe it. Plus, student debt, new restaurants, and crushing anxiety.

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It was a pamplemousse  day in RVA.

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top ramen

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Crippling student debt is the new black

Capital News Service, a group of VCU students covering the General Assembly, returns with this story about student debt. I wonder what it feels like to report upon your own bleak future.

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Another day another brewery announcing plans for Scott’s Addition

Charlottesville-based Three Notch’d Brewing Company announced that they’re headed to Scott’s Addition, along with every other booze business in the state. Fine by me.

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Photo by: Kim Bost

What to get for the person who threw away everything they once owned

Everyone we know loves KonMari! That’s probably because we got rid of anyone that didn’t spark joy in our lives. For those lucky few that remain, here’s what we’re planning on getting them for Christmas.

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5 new restaurants opened in November

Stephanie Ganz covers all the new restaurants in town, plus misses an oppourtunity to make a Steve Zahn joke.

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Sock puppet

Photo by: Dolinski

How to be calm in the face of the worst things ever

Do you ever do that thing where you instantly picture The Worst Case Scenario for all available scenarios? Hayley DeRoche does, but has found that a dash of facts and a sprinkle of anecdotes can help quell some of that anxiety.

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 This SNL skit is the opposite of Elf

I…am slightly disturbed.

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