Good Evening, RVA: December 7th, 2015

Costumes, Kramps, rib cages, and Truman Capote—that actually sounds like a pretty intense day.

Photo by Surrounded By Light

It was a December day in RVA.

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An admirable commitment

Be honest, you kind of wish you could dress up like your favorite historical character and spend all day pretending to be them. Be honest, that scoffing you’re doing right now is totally fake. The Costumed Life brings you into the daily lives of several local reenactors, and we are kind of thinking they can be categorized as just braver, truer-to-themselves people than everybody else. No? Yes? 

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Just a normal holiday weekend in Carytown

The RVA Krampusnacht Walk is definitely a thing that happens–annually, even! If you missed it this past weekend, here are some slightly terrifying pictures that feature lots of masks and tongues and things. Richmond!

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little house gif tbox

A culinary gift guide

The quickest way to a human’s heart is directly through their rib cage, but through their stomach is a close, but less satisfying, second.

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Holiday memories

Photo by Aaron Sutten

We suggest you go do this thing

We’re rounding out the thick part of theater season, so make sure you pencil in time to see Holiday Memories–which is a Truman Capote story. Unlike In Cold Blood, this story does not involve murder but does involve fruitcake.

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RPS be there

Be there

Richmond Public Schools will host a parent forum this coming weekend to explore the whats, whys, and hows of families and schools working together to help students succeed. No word on if the speaker, pictured above, is actually Batman.

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 Don’t get towed

Watch out Fan residents, leaf collection pulled a switcheroo, and is headed to a street near you this week. That’s a full week earlier than the city’s schedule. Blame the holidays (seriously, you can “blame” the Holiday House Tour).

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You know about the Star Wars Christmas album right?

It’s called Christmas in the Stars and is the best thing ever.

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