Good Evening, RVA: December 3rd, 2015

Aughh our skin wasn’t prepared for this onslaught of vitamin D. Auuughhhhhhhhhh.

Joey Wharton

It was a sunny day in RVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pizza whenever!

Guys, Pizza Tonight is open, and also many other things happened in the world of food. (And the city of food). We particularly liked reading about Stephanie Ganz coming to grips with why some people like a thing a lot. Read Food News!

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Spirit. Entertain. Love. Taste.

Those are just some of the things written largely upon the walls at the new Virginia ABC “boutique”. It appears to feature big pictures of guys swilling things from jugs, which is the very thing the ABC exists to eliminate! So confusing, ABC! Oh well, at least there’s a place to get your liquor where you won’t feel like you have to sneak in and out in a guilty fashion.

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no to christmas tree fire spinning

Tired of the holidays already?

Who can blame you! All of a sudden, every single thing is holiday-themed. We have done you a Scroogey Solid and put together a 5 Things that does not involve the holidays whatsoever–EXCEPT for a ticket giveaway at the end for RVA Tonight’s Christmas Spectacular. But come on, that ish is cool!

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grand illumination

Photo by: Fire At Will [Photography]

Not tired of the holidays already?

That’s good news, because the festivals this weekend involve many, many holiday delights.

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hand made soap

We’re not saying you need to be cleaner, but…

We’re not NOT saying it! This interview with Rachel Chieppa is the last in our series about RVA makers and crafters participating in Handmade Holiday, which is a big-but-not-too-overwhelming and very cool craft show at Hardywood this Saturday. You can pick up every single thing you need for holiday shopping there, except probably your figgy pudding. But who knows, maybe that, too!

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The Diamond 2.0: Secret of the Bou…levard redevelopment

Remember how we wanted to tear The Diamond down and then build a new one elsewhere? And then we were like, wait, let’s just tear it down and build a new one right there. And then we were like, JK let’s just build a children’s hospital or something. Well now, a group of concerned citizens wants to save The Diamond and turn it into something beautiful–claiming that the current stadium is a real diamond in the rough. They did not claim that, but they totally should.

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We watched this twice

Because Thor being all “OK OK I’m hot” is always so funny!

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