Good Evening, RVA: December 16th, 2015

Alert, it’s a weird time of day during which our jokes make very little sense.

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It was a whatever day in RVA.

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There are things for your family to do

One of them involves a Polar Express “sensory reading.” Fingers crossed that that means you get to sit on a train, drink hot chocolate, and somebody reads your senses’ reactions to it all. “Sensory readings are off the charts! Alert the doctor! NOW!” Here’s that and four other things, courtesy of Valerie Catrow. 

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Photo by Will Weaver

We would like for this title to be reminiscent of the Byrd Theatre intro

Let us know if it isn’t. HAVOC! doesn’t live in Austin…or anywhere else? is a realistic portrayal of the Rams’ near future, if last night’s game was any indication. Aaron Williams still has hope, but things aren’t looking great. Also, Shaka’s doing well over in Austin, so that gives everyone the grumbles.

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A park that will not be named “The Burrow”

The little delta of land across from Alamo has had a design approved to become a pocket park! No word yet on the budget and whatnot, but at least “Two Hill Park” might be a thing.

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Garden patch

Imagine a world in which kids ask for vegetables

You could help make that world a reality! Don your hairnet and get volunteering for the Garden Patch launches. This is an updated version of a Stephanie Ganz piece from September that asks you nicely and gently to consider helping out. Also includes signup sheets for doing so! Small cities are pretty neat sometimes!

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Swan nut cracker

Well, Clarice, have the lambs stopped screaming?

This year’s Nutcracker features a brand new swan sleigh named Clarice, and an abridged second act that also includes some new stuff and a livelier pace. But if they touched the Arabian Dance, 50% of our office would quit their jobs and move to the Yukon in protest. It would be an ineffective protest, but it would make us feel like we did something, you know?

NOTE: there are no screaming sheep in The Nutcracker this year, only adorable tiny prancing ones as usual. 

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Oh, you nerds

We know you need beer to go with your Star Wars experience (that is, you need to drink it after you see it and discuss all the deets) (“OMG did you see what Han Solo was wearing OMG OMG” “Roll the die, Rick, this troll won’t slay itself!”). Really we’re just jealous because we gotta wait and see it later, so don’t get huffy. Instead read this roundup of Star Wars partays.

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Fascinating video about human history and how plagues moved through it

If you’re very trypophobic, this might bother you a little. But if you like cute footage of piglets, you’re in for a treat!

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