Good Evening, RVA: December 15th, 2015

Swearing, kids, swearing at kids, the usual.

Photo by Bobby Wiggins Photography

It was a bright, bright, bright, bright sunshiney day in RVA.

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Only he didn’t say “fudge.”

Guys, Sam Davies made a super bold parenting move and decided to just tell his daughters about the word “fuck” so that they could make a conscious decision not to say it, instead of wondering what this “f-word” was that people keep talking about and possibly being afraid to say any f-word at all as a consequence. That would make a lot of things really difficult! Anyway, turns out you should be making those decisions with the rest of your parenting team. Fuuuuuuck.

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A thing to do with your kids that doesn’t involve giving them cookies

Drifty and the Chocolate Factory is at Swift Creek Mill, and your kids might just love it. Because that’s what Swift Creek Mill does–they make productions for kids! (And other productions, too). Did you know they work in SOL stuff, too? Not to be a jerk, and not to say we don’t appreciate their efforts, but isn’t the whole point of SOLs to evaluate schools? SOLs: The Worst is a thing we’d love to write. OK, we’re off track. Go Do This: Drifty and the Chocolate Factory.

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SEED grant time!!!!

It truly IS the most wonderful time of the year! Do you get as excited about finding out the SEED grantees as we do? Well, you should. The East End is changing before our very eyes, in no small part due to the efforts of LISC, Bon Secours, Capital One, and the five-years-strong SEED grant program. Congrats, grantees! 

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Can we be honest?

The CenterStage branding and name elicited some LOLs from us when it was announced. But guess what, now we can’t eye roll anymore, because Dominion Arts Center sounds way better, guys!

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The force will be awakened within their security force if you do this

Man, that was a tortured joke. Anyway, you will be barred from nerding out in line for Star Wars if you wear the wrong stuff. Leave your masks and light sabers and fake guns at home, but it’ll be super, super cool if you bring a pencil drawing of what you would have looked like if you’d gotten to wear all the weaponry and face coverings that you wished. Always remember: security is worth it. 

— ∮∮∮ —


Grief is a necessary suckfest

We…felt many feelings upon doing this interview, reading this interview, and even thinking about this interview. Learn how to help people who grieve during the holidays, or, if you’re one of those people, learn how to help yourself.

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Actual response in our office to “I need a funny thing to put at the end of Good Evening, RVA.”

“How about your face?”

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