2011 Garden Wars: Week 8

Here we are. It’s the final week of voting, and next we crown a winner. We’ve winnowed the combatants to these final two!

Here we are. It’s the final week of voting, and next we crown a winner. We’ve winnowed the combatants to these final two who stand here before you, bloodied, AWAITING JUDGEMENT. Also, cute dogs/kids!

Vote down in the comments, and remember: this is the last one, so make it count!

  • Sarah Milston (2)
  • Ryan Smartt (1)

— ∮∮∮ —

Ryan Smartt

Sir Deacon, King of the Hydrangeas, basking in the glory of his Kingdom.

I wanted my final Garden Wars photo to be a look forward. Here it is, people: my infamous compost pile, marinating for next year. Vegetable scraps, grass clippings, egg shells…oh my! Could there be future acorn squash, butternut squash, pumpkins or watermelon in there, like we had this year? Only time will tell…

Sarah Milston

Figs: nature’s way of saying I love you. We were amazingly blessed to buy a house with two fig trees…that made no figs last year. Lots of pruning and some fertilizer and now we have two trees full of figs. These two were the first ones to ripen within reach and got pulled off while the kid was napping so I could make sure to take pictures. Oh, and Ryan, I have enough to share if your tree didn’t produce.

Heirloom cherry tomatoes! These little beauties are called Black Cherry; these are delicious. The big one in the back, a Green Zebra. I have had mixed success this year with tomatoes, but these scrumptious lovelies are making up for quantity, with quality.

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  1. AC Meacham on said:

    I vote for Sarah Milston!

  2. martha on said:

    I always vote for tomatoes, so Milston!

  3. Milston! Pretty dishes and beautiful produce.

  4. Tina on said:


  5. Courtney on said:

    Those figs are gorgeous!!! Milston’s all the way!!!

  6. Renee on said:

    Oh Deacon, your cuteness knows no bounds.

    However, I can relate to purchasing a house with neglected fruit trees, and my husband & I are currently enjoying the tasty rewards of our fertilizing and pruning efforts. Plus, we have had similiar issues with our tomatoes this year. Therefore, Milston gets my final vote. :)

  7. shannon on said:

    Milston! How could you not vote for figs?

  8. mary on said:

    Sarah Milston

  9. charlie on said:


  10. Love me some figs. Milston all the way!

  11. Lisa on said:

    I LOVE (LOVE LOVE LOVE!) figs and now know where to go for some. Milston’s for the win!

  12. Go Smartt! Sir Deacon is confident in his manhood while looking like one of those sissy poodles during the Maymont Easter Parade.

  13. CMLEard on said:

    MILSTONS!!! Love those yummy tomatoes!!!

  14. Sarah on said:

    Go Ryan Go!

  15. Erin on said:

    Sarah Milston!!!!!

  16. Smartt FTW!?

  17. Susan on said:

    Sarah and her figs get my vote!!!!

  18. Molly Mulloy on said:

    mmm compost…nomnomnom. RYAN SMARTT FTW!!

  19. Ricky Johnson on said:

    Sarah milston

  20. Jenn Kyzer on said:

    My vote is for the heart shaped figs so Milston!

  21. Katherine on said:

    Figs! Sarah FTW

  22. Going with Ryan Smarrt because of his “look forward” pic. Love that optimistic / realistic attitude!

  23. Carla on said:

    Have to go with Sarah for the win! Those figs look scrumptious as do the tomatoes!

  24. I’m not a dog person, but the photo and caption of Sir Deacon, King of the Hydrangeas, got me. I vote Smartt.

  25. Denise Hayes on said:

    The Milston’s for sure!

  26. Ryan Smartt on said:

    I appreciate Sarah’s passive aggressive smack talk. However, you wouldn’t have figs or tomatoes without dirt…i.e. compost.

    Therefore, compost > figs, tomatoes.

    Therefore, I vote for Ryan Smartt.

  27. Sion B. on said:


  28. Michelle on said:

    My vote is for Ryan and Deacon.

  29. Transplant on said:

    Eew … Figs. My vote is for Team Smartt and the garden of the future!

  30. Sarah on said:

    Sarah Milston!!

  31. Michal on said:

    Go Sarah!!

  32. Kirsten on said:

    I actually prefer figs and tomatoes to piles of dirt… but Ryan is my pal and I don’t know Sarah… so a vote for Smartt. Is that cheating?

  33. Paul on said:

    I always hated fig newtons as a kid (they were the “healthy choice” over Oreos and Chips Ahoy). Therefore Smartt!

  34. Lisa G on said:

    Love the heart shaped fig! Milston for the win!

  35. Judy Cannon on said:

    MIlston has my vote again! Wonderful contest!

  36. Christie Thalhimer on said:

    Ryan Smartt!!!!

  37. Elizabeth on said:

    As much as I love figs and tomatoes, I must vote Ryan Smartt and the King of the Hydrangeas FTW.

  38. Bill on said:

    Deacon & Ryan Smartt get my vote.

  39. Tom Martin on said:

    I vote for Ryan and Deacon, The Lone Rangea.

  40. Katherine on said:

    I vote for Deacon and dirt. Go Ryan!

  41. Robinson Ram aka Compost Charlie on said:

    I am always a forward thinker, therefore Rico Suave aka Ryan Smartt gets my vote.

  42. GranDan on said:

    Ryan and Deacon Smartt get my vote!

  43. Evan Silverstein on said:

    i like dogs
    that look like hogs
    i like compost
    and love Smartt the most!!

  44. King Deacon and His Dad the Dirt Man! That’s my Final Answer…

  45. Emily on said:

    Smartt All the Way!!!

  46. Milston this time. :)

  47. I Vote for Sir Deacon…I mean I vote for Ryan

  48. Jennifer on said:

    While cute dogs and hydrangeas always win big points with me, I have to cast my vote for Milston this time around — those beautiful figs and heirloom tomatoes did the trick.

  49. Cathy G on said:

    I vote for the Milston’s garden all the way, and would like to put in my order for a dozen figs when they’re ripe!

  50. My vote is for Sarah!!!

  51. Eunice on said:

    Sarah, great job of getting fig trees to produce in less than a year, Ambers granny used to make preserves with figs and I think strawberry jello and they were delicious. Sure wish I lived close enough to taste you tomatoes. Go Sarah!

  52. Bethanie on said:

    Sarah’s figs all the way

  53. Doug on said:

    Milston’s figs!

  54. Arona on said:

    Sarah’s garden and creative pictures and of course, Lily Jaymes, winners in my garden book!

  55. Sarah Milston on said:

    For the final vote – I heart figs.

  56. BJ Marshall on said:

    I always vote for the underDOG.
    Sic ’em, Smartt.

  57. Christina on said:

    Sarah Milston! Those figs look yummy!

  58. Those figs just look too good not to vote for them! Milston all the way!

  59. Kelli on said:

    Voting for Sarah Milston!

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