2011 Garden Wars: Week 7

RIP, Scott Pharr. But, let’s be honest, we’re better off without him anyway! Amiright! JK JK, buddy.

RIP, Scott Pharr. But, let’s be honest, we’re better off without him anyway! Amiright! JK JK, buddy.

So here we are. Our final two competitors await final, bloody battle. Who will survive? Whose blood will spill and water the victor’s garden? WHOSE CUISINE WILL REIGN SUPREME? Wait…

Anyway, on to voting!

— ∮∮∮ —

Ryan Smartt

Fortunately, much of my yard avoids direct sunlight all day. Which probably explains how these Knockout Roses have managed to maintain their delightful prettiness.

The summer of the Magical Mystery Squash continues. This guy appears to be a butternut squash. Which I plan to roast with some onions, puree, mix with homemade chicken stock, then add some cinnamon and nutmeg. Simple butternut squash soup, people. I don’t care if it’s a KADRILLION DEGREES OUTSIDE.

— ∮∮∮ —

Sarah Milston

The herb garden is going wild–lead by the four varieties of mint I have planted. Some people hate mint because it can be invasive, but I love it. I add it to veggies, soups, cookie, and liquids! I especially love mint simple syrup. Add a bit to iced tea, bourbon, gin…magic. Summer in a glass.

The trellis is a toddler friendly area. Lily Jaymes dances, plays peak-a-boo, and hides all around the trellis without trampling veggies (I currently have a plant graveyard from all the “accidents”). The squash, cucumber, and beans are very happy to have taken flight. Here she is pointing out a new squash.

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  1. Renee on said:

    Simple mint syrup? Heck yeah! Sarah Milston gets my vote this week!

  2. Scott R on said:

    Did you see the perfect shape of Smartt’s butternut squash??? I vote Smarttly!

  3. Marisa on said:

    Smartt for sure!

  4. Thanks Ryan. That explains my homeliness, I have direct sunlight on me all day long! My dad just told me about some big ugly stick, and a tree? Nice looking Butternut there, but be careful, it looks too much like an incadescent light bulb and the Federal Government may come and take it away. VOTE FOR RYAN.

  5. Emily on said:

    Milston for the win! Fun & funky garden, adorable child and she broke out the bourbon & gin!

  6. BJ Marshall on said:

    Why no photos of your homemade chickens, Ryan? You’ve piqued my curiosity.


  7. I vote smart!

  8. Lynn on said:

    The mention of liquor and the return of the cute kid pictures? Team Milston!

  9. Smartt!

  10. Can we have a Magical Mystery Squash Tour?

    Smartt all the way.

  11. Michelle on said:

    My vote is for Ryan.

  12. This proves that a guy can appreciate roses. That picture sold it for me. I vote for Ryan “Rose Garden” Smart :-)

  13. Jim Schuyler on said:

    The Magical Mystery Squash isn’t Lyla but it is hard to resist butternut squash soup–the vote is for Smartt who outlasts them all.

  14. Ryan Smartt on said:

    Sarah said “bourbon” so she gets my vote.

  15. Very SMARTT

  16. Michelle on said:

    Ryan Smartt gets my vote – and thanks for the yummy soup recipe!

  17. Kirsten on said:

    I liked the roses until I read about the bourbon… so I was going to go with Sarah.

    But now I see that Ryan voted for the bourbon–I mean Sarah!–so I’ll cancel that out with a vote for Ryan.

    This is democracy in action, y’all!

  18. Paula Pilgrim on said:

    I vote Sarah! What wonderful ideas she has for mint. I think I might go make a glass of iced tea with mint right now!

  19. Anna in bourbon country on said:

    I vote Ms. Milston. You can bring your mint to Louisville any time.

  20. Sarah Poe on said:

    Sarah. All the way.

  21. Michal on said:

    Go Sarah- Love the mint syrup!

  22. Anything that allows me to enjoy gin more gets my vote- go Sarah!

  23. Arona on said:

    Milstons are THE Gardeners!!!

  24. Doug on said:

    Sarah wins for most creative, again!

  25. Jenn Kyzer on said:

    My vote for Sarah!

  26. shannon on said:

    Oh Sarah, I love mint simple syrup.
    Milston all the way.

  27. Rachael on said:

    Sarah gets my vote also!

  28. So torn!!! Buuutttt… Milston FTW.

  29. Tara on said:


  30. Cathy on said:

    I vote for Sarah, need I say why…..

  31. This is SO HARD. I do love a good rose, but voting Milston here for the many uses of mint and great trellis.

  32. Cara on said:

    Milston gets my final vote!

  33. Smartt FTW!

  34. Transplant on said:

    Smartt, Smartt, Smartt! The roses are beautiful!

  35. Molly on said:

    smartt butternut!

  36. Katie Mae on said:

    Sarah Milston!

  37. Carla on said:

    The squash is lovely but I LOVE the trellis and you can’t go wrong with mint syrup, a little bourbon and some crushed ice on a hot summer’s day. That said, my vote goes to Sarah and (LJ too, of course!).

  38. mark on said:


  39. jeff on said:

    sarah for the dreamy trellis.

  40. Bill on said:

    Smartt has “squashed” the competition. I vote for Ryan Smartt.

  41. martha on said:

    Love the trellis!! I’l bring my own bourbon.

    Milston FTW!

  42. GranDan on said:

    Smartt is the winner!

  43. I vote for bourbon and mint…and Sarah. She knows the way to this southern girl’s heart.

  44. Courtney on said:

    Looks gorgeous as always Sarah!!! I vote Milstons!!!

  45. Tina on said:

    Milstons! All the way!!!

  46. Katherine on said:

    Ryan sure rose to the occasion and squashed the competition for this final round. Smartt move!

  47. Elizabeth on said:

    “Squash and Roses” could be a newfangled take on “Guns and Roses,” dontcha think? Smartt for the win!

  48. I vote for Ryan’s Butternut Squash soup!! In hopes I get to taste it!…But that mint syrup sounded tempting!

  49. I vote Sarah, I am thinking, how would Mint Simple Syrup taste in my Corona?

  50. Cathy G on said:


  51. Sara on said:

    I vote Ryan! What a good looking squash and beautiful roses!

  52. Tía on said:

    Smartt gets my vote!!! By the by, did those roses grow out of mulch????

  53. Mana on said:

    I have actually eaten squash from that rich, rich Richmond garden. It was an amazing feast. Roses blooming in that Richmond heat? It must be a miracle….They are beau-ti-ful! Since I was born in the Rose-Capitol-of-the-World, Tyler Texas, and I personally know the yumminess of the squash..es from that fertile Richmond garden, I will vote smartly for Ryan.

  54. Sarah gets my vote. Very nice photos. And now I’ve got sipping mint juleps by the trellis on my brain.

  55. Judy on said:

    Love the LJ! Milstons!

  56. Veggie Girl on said:


  57. Tom Martin on said:

    The last time an election was bought with the promise of whiskey was when Joe Kennedy bought his son the game-changing votes of Illinois with riches derived from bootleg scotch. In this election even Ryan himself was lured away by the aroma of bourbon. Shame! I’m voting for Ryan and hoping he can stay sober long enough to cook the soup.

  58. East High Blue Aces on said:

    Ryan, Ryan he’s our man, if he can’t do it nobody can

  59. Bethanie on said:

    Sarah. Hands down better pictures.

  60. Christie Thalhimer on said:

    I vote SMARTT!

  61. jill on said:

    Ryan Smartt and squash get my vote!!

  62. Emily on said:

    Ryan Smartt all the way!

  63. Amber milston on said:

    Since I had to hang the trelis my vote is for SJ!

  64. Amber milston on said:

    Sorry SJ = Sarah Milston formally known as Sarah Johnston.

  65. Sarah Milston. You had me at simple mint syrup.

  66. Sarah Milston on said:

    I like roses, but you can’t drink them. I vote for mint simple syrup.

  67. Denise Hayes on said:

    Mint syrup in bourbon…of course I’m voting for Milston!

  68. Sarah on said:

    Ryan Smartt!

  69. Sarah Brown on said:

    Ryan, Ryan, Ryan!

  70. Sarah!

  71. Lisa G on said:


  72. charlie on said:


  73. mary on said:


  74. kimberlee on said:

    Girls rule. I vote for Sarah

  75. michelle on said:


  76. Walter on said:


  77. Shirley on said:

    Sarah Milston

  78. bryan on said:

    Go Sarah !!!

  79. Kelli on said:

    My vote for Sarah.

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