Free Valentine’s Day portrait of you and your honeybee

The first eight couples will get an assortment of cute shots by our wonderful professional photographer!

All of the photos in this post are by Heaton Johnson V.

My mom sent me some photos this weekend that she took in the 1980s-back when she had a real camera. My siblings and I looked beautifully dappled with sunlight and everything seemed rosy.

Unfortunately, the next generation of my family is commemorated via blurry, grainy, hurriedly snapped iPhone shots. Our standards for photograph quality are slipping, not to mention our acceptance for what makes a good photo. Selfie in dark restaurant? No. Picture of significant other sleeping? Ugh.

Adorable shot that captures the essence of your love like only Heaton Johnson can?

Yes, a thousand times yes!


Get a free portrait done of you and the person who accepts all your faults and still has your back no matter what

The first eight couples to contact our photographer, Heaton Johnson, will get to name the place (pick one that’s special to you guys, you know?) and he’ll make an appointment with you to take photos this very week. He can work around your work schedule, because he’s good like that.

Then you’ll get emailed two hi-res portraits and one candid shot! IN TIME for Valentine’s Day!

Lauren + McCray West

There is one catch, just like you figured there would be!

Neither Heaton nor RVANews will extract any money from you, BUT we’re going to publish one photo of each couple as part of our Valentine’s Day portrait post! This could be less of a “catch” and more of a “perk,” depending on how you look at showing the world how crazy-in-love you are.

Quick, put me in touch with Heaton!


Contact Heaton via:

  • His website
  • . He reserves the right to tell you you are too far away or are making an unreasonable demand for him to climb a water tower or something.

  • Or email us at and we’ll make sure he gets it.
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