Food news: Perly’s gets a new owner, Omega coming to the Northside, and Virginia’s best wine

Good food and good wine make RVA great.

Awww snap, my people. It looks like someone is lined up to reopen Perly’s! According to Richmond BizSense a new tenant has “signed a 10-year lease for the space and is keeping the Perly’s name.” Reopening Perly’s sounds akin to taking the head coaching job at a place like Notre Dame: high expectations and little room for change or failure.

Update: has the news that Kevin Roberts, owner of The Black Sheep, is the tenant in question. That’s some pretty big and delicious news.

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North Richmond News is reporting that Omega is coming soon to 4017 MacArthur Avenue, which is the old Shenanigans spot. What has two thumbs and is soon to live within walking distance of greek food? THIS GUY!

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Amy Ayers, owner of Julep’s, announced that she’s pulling out of Mint Gastropub, a collaboration with Food Network Star finalist Malcolm Mitchell. Mitchell will partner with Jake Crocker and D. Hayden Fisher (of F.W. Sullivan’s et al.) to move Mint Gastropub down onto the Canal Walk adjacent to F.W. Sullivan’s Canal Bar & Grille.

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An update to news from a couple of weeks ago: EVO Fine Sichuan Cuisine, which was “temporarily closed for repairs,” now has a for rent sign out front. Bummer, Southsiders.

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Did you know that Reginald’s Homemade is a local shop that makes artisan nut butter? While that sounds like a particularly Brooklyn-type thing to say, I can personally vouch for Reginald and his nutty spreads. They’re delicious! This past week they released a new flavor of peanut butter called Coconut Sour Cherry. Yeah it sounds really weird, but it totally works.

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Tonight a panel of fancy-pantsed judges will gather at the John Marshall to hand out Olympic-style medals to some of Virginia’s best wines and award the Governor’s Cup to the very best of the best. I’m always surprised by both how delicious and affordable Virginia wines, even these award winning varieties, can be. Check back later for a list of the winners.

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Not that this applies to Richmond proper as we have no Taco Bells within the city limits, but Taco Bell has a new breakfast menu debuting March 27th. Just saying.

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