Food News: Cuisines of different cultures and also tiny baby goats

Festivals and a new place to eat, wines and an anniversary party. Snuggling baby creatures for stress relief. Welcome to Food News.


The Richmond Jewish Food Festival takes place this Sunday, January 17th and Monday, January 18th at the Weinstein Jewish Community Center. The biggest change this year is the addition of a “makolet,” a marketplace inside the JCC selling traditional Jewish and Israeli ingredients and snacks. I’m hoping it’s such a huge success that they decide to house an Israeli-ingredient market at the JCC year round. It would contribute largely to me being able to cook my way through the Ottolenghi cookbook, that’s for sure.


Altria Theatre will add food to the marquee next month with their new eatery, 1927 Cafe and Bakery, which will feature a new full-service coffee and espresso bar serving Charlottesville’s Greenberry’s Coffee Co. Chef Carlos Silva will lead the kitchen, which will serve up breakfast, lunch, and even quick dinner options like wraps, burritos, sandwiches, and flatbread pizzas.


Riesling gets a bad rap for being too sweet, probably because people like me barfed up too much Chateau St. Michele riesling in college and thought it was somehow riesling’s fault. Well, it wasn’t. It was my fault. I’m ready to give the German wine another try, and what better place to do it than Metzger Bar & Butchery. On Monday, January 18th, Metzger will host winemaker Dr. Frank Hayden for a four-course paired dinner, inclusive of wines, tip, and tax for $65. One seating only! Get yo tix now!


Say “Bon anniversaire!” to Can Can Brasserie this month. The Carytown spot turns 10 this month and celebrates with a special prix fixe menu, wine inclusive, available Sunday through Thursday.


A chef’s best tool is a sharp knife. Here’s how to keep yours well-honed.

Got a case of the crankies? Go cuddle some baby goats.


Still cranky? We must be having very similar weeks. Try to relax with a juice in hand, but just don’t get a parking ticket from VCU’s overzealous ticket police. The Pit and the Peel’s calm-a-kazi should help you find a bit of serenity with cucumber, pineapple, mint, and celery. OMMMM.


We all know Full Kee has great dim sum on the weekends, but did you know you can order off of the dim sum menu any day of the week? IT’S A FACT. I find it a lot less overwhelming to get my dim sum fix on a Tuesday with no crowds and the ability to do a little strategic planning with a menu rather than just pointing to everything I want on a rolling cart (and I want it ALL). My newest obsesh is the pork croissant. The term croissant is a little misleading. This is less of a laminated pastry and more like the flakiest pie dough under the sun stuffed with barbecue pork and then brushed with butter and sesame seeds. Three come in an order for a mere $2.95. That’s crazy talk.

GRAM: @c_perkinson

Straight up bready bread porn (and a few other foods thrown in for good measure) from Southbound’s Chef de Cuisine, Craig Perkinson

The gluten is loving the spring weather @southboundrva. #breadgamestrong #catalinagregory

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Stephanie Ganz

Stephanie Ganz thought there would be pizza.

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  1. Jody A. on said:

    Cheng Du down W. Broad also has dim sum. I know– a Sichuan place doing Cantonese cuisine? It’s good though. Their regular offerings are also bomb.

  2. Stephanie on said:

    @Jody: Cheng Du is on my list, but Full Kee is just so close to my daily path! Def want to try CD though, heard great things.

  3. amen k. on said:

    No makolet? No worry. There’s always 2M Mediterranean Market & Deli. Open year-round on Staples Mill @ Glenside (behind Shoney”s). It’s got much from the Levant, plus the owner is fun to deal with as he gives you many samples and tells you how great everything he makes is. And it is.

  4. Amanda on said:

    The goat cuddling event at Caromont Farm is already full and their Goatapalooza event in April has been cancelled because of overwhelming responses. It looks like their FB page has also been taken down, hopefully just for the time being.

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