Flashback Friday: Intersection of Parham & Three Chopt Roads

This undated photo from the County of Henrico shows the now busy West End intersection in much simpler times.

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Trevor Dickerson

Trevor Dickerson loves all things Richmond and manages RVANews’ West of the Boulevard and West End community sites.

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  1. Bonnie Larner on said:

    Trevor, approximately what year is this from? Autos appear to be from late 40s early 50s?

  2. Rev. Robert J. Smith, Jr. on said:

    Trevor, my father, the late Hon. Robert J. Smith, wanted to install a traffic light there when he ran for Board of Supervisors, Tuckahoe District, in 1967. He also wanted Henrico County to have public libraries and public kindergarten. He lost the race, but kindergartens, public libraries and the traffic all became part of the plan within months after the election. Hard to believe my memory of that goes back almost 50 years.

  3. Curtis Swisher on said:

    Well, That’s a 1954 Chevy and it has black license plates which means it’s an even year. Not sure why it would be parked in the middle of the road. There’s no one behind the wheel. It may have been a good place to take a potty break.

  4. freddy M on said:

    I think Curtis is right on with the year of that Chevy, 1954, and it looks brand new in the pic.

    I am guessing the driver got out to take a picture of his beloved set of wheels!

    Great picture, thanks for posting this.

  5. Connie Ryman on said:

    Great pic!

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