Favorites: 8½’s pizza

I hope you like your pizza spicy, because that’s what you’ll get when you order up a red pizza ($9) from 8½ on Strawberry Street. I always find the heat worth the burn because whatever else they put in that sauce makes me crave a pie just typing about it. The crust almost steals the show, however: perfectly crisp (and foldable!) with herbs dusting the edges. Grab a pizza and then grab a porch for some fine al fresco dining.

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  • 401 Strawberry Street
  • Monday – Sunday, 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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Daniel Warshaw

Daniel Warshaw would rather be taking pictures.

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  1. Anne Saldutti on said:

    I must respectfully disagree with this post. I have gotten food from 81/2 on more than one occasion and have been found that their food, staff and hubris are a blight on this city which has come a long way in promoting itself as one that takes pride in the quality and uniqueness of its food and individuals that provide it.

    By endorsing 81/2 I believe that it does a disservice to those that have worked so hard to make Richmond the “foodie” city that it is. 81/2 is a step in the wrong direction for a city that is looking to develop itself as one that knows what authentic and good food is.

  2. Jon on said:

    Great food, terrible attitude…always…

  3. Salt and fat steal the show for me. Not the crust or the staff. And I keep coming back. As many times as I’ve been to 8 1/2, I’ve never experienced the famous bad attitude behind the counter. I can sense that it’s there if I waste their time or try to do something other than purchase their delicious products. And so far, I guess I haven’t done that. Back to that salt and fat… it’s almost like the crust is fried in the oil that separates from the cheese and fuses with the spicy sauce. The resulting decadence is far more worthy of comment than the fact that the staff make it clear that their conversation is not the product you’re after at 8 1/2.

  4. Scott Burger on said:

    I agree, Jason G.

    If you don’t like the food or service, then do not eat or order food from there. Makes less of a wait for those who do.

  5. Mike Jasp on said:

    I thought the first comment was going to be a joke, but there was no punchline? Anne, I am quite sure you are very, very much in the minority here. Lets move past you unique opinion about the food. Friendly service? Maybe not. Its a take out place, not a sit down service place so this can be tolerable. Besides, when the food is as fantastic as 8 1/2, you can get away with not having the applebees fake smile and small talk. I for one have never noticed it but I have heard about it.

    Your comments about it being a blight and endorsing them does a disservice to rva being a “foodie” city are over the top at best. Seriously uncalled for.

    Something brought you back there for at least a second meal ( which I am sure you will claim to wanting to give them a second chance) so some credibility is lost.

    On your opinion of the food, how about some specifics? Did you eat it fresh or after a long drive out to the suburbs?

    You sound overly bitter, there is another story here somewhere….

    Mmmm…after all of these thoughts I cant get their lasagnia off my mind…Im going to walk over to 81/2 tonight….

  6. Willis on said:

    Personally, I think Tarrants has the best Za’ in the RVA. slices are $2.50 as well. The picture here sums it up for me. I’m not saying 8 1/2 za’ isn’t good, but $9 for a thin cheese the size of a small at most locations? I can make this pizza at home for around $1-2 for the entire thing. 2 1/2 cups of flour, some water, yeast, honey and salt and I’ve got twice the dough….add some mozz from Nick’s deli and fresh basil from my garden and BAM! 8 1/2 is good but personal preference I like Tarrant’s better and it’s too pricy for not even filling me up.

  7. scott on said:

    I can’t tell if Annes post at the top is serious or not.

  8. scott on said:

    Oh god their Ramp and Anchovie pizza is the fucking bomb.

  9. scott on said:

    nothing beats an 8 1/2 pizza with Ramps and ‘chovies and a beer from strawberry st market before enjoying sunset in scuffletown park.

  10. Mike jasp on said:

    Im a north jersey/brookland style transplant so i love the choices for that style pie that rva has to offer…from the mary angelas family (piccola, araianna, pronto, etc) to tarrants, to some degree belmont, and my favorite Ive only had once out in that TJ Maxx shopping center somene please remind me – west broad (its location is why I am not there twice a week). Back on topic, i like the 81/2 pie, its like a bar pie from thenstar tavern in orange new jersey…ultra thin, crisp, greasy in a good way but not quite star tavern just more that style… I usually choose other things but the bottom line here is that Annes post is just outrageous! Mmmmmmmmmmm pizzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaa.

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