Cous Cous owners planning new restaurant

Owners of Cous Cous have announced that they’re creating a new restaurant for the location.

Update #1 — March 29, 2013; 3:35 PM

According to the Sticky Rice blog1, Cous Cous will take on a new identity in the coming months:

We’re excited to announce a huge change-new restaurant, new bar, new amazing menu, new look! Some things won’t change….the same friendly faces will be here to greet you when we re-open. Stay tuned to the Cous Cous Facebook page for updates and sneak peeks of what’s to come…
Thanks for your support-Cous Cous loves you!

We will be make daily weekly or hourly updates on our old Cous Cous facebook page.

The big reveal is happening!!!

According to one report, the new restaurant may open as early as May.

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  1. Owners of Sticky Rice also own Cous Cous. 

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Original — March 15, 2013

Cous Cous announced today that it will close on Saturday, March 30th after being open for seven years.

From their Facebook post:

Please come enjoy our last few weeks. Grab one more order of curry fries, a tagine, b’stilla, or other favorite menu items before they’re gone. More importantly, come spend some time with us and let us say goodbye. Many great times have been had during our run, and we’d like you to see us off. Cous Cous and our staff would like to thank you for 7 great years. Cous Cous loves you…………and always will.

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  1. downtown-watch on said:

    I could never understand why people liked this place. Good riddance.

  2. Jakes on said:

    downtown-watch, This is you:

  3. downtown-watch on said:

    Well, I was going to only write “good riddance” but I decided I’d provide some context. Thought provoking meme there in the link.

  4. Lauren on said:

    So so so sad. Can I buy a lifetime supply of Manchego fritters and freeze them, along with the delicious mango sauce?

  5. yo son on said:

    Cous cous is fuckin delicious man what are you talking about?

  6. Mickael broth on said:

    Hey downtown watch… If you’ve got something negative to say then at least have the back bone to leave a name.
    Besides that, this place was truly special and will always hold a special place in my heart and stomach.

  7. lolwut on said:

    What kind of drooling mouth breather says “good riddance” to Cous cous. That is a great place and I’m sad to hear this.

  8. bopst on said:

    downtown-watch: I’m sure the people that will be out of work appreciate your sentiment.

  9. downtown-watch on said:

    In regards to: -yo son- “Cous cous is fuckin delicious man what are you talking about?”
    Perhaps we disagree on their quality of food, but we don’t need to reduce to profanity.

    In regards to: -Mickael broth- “If you’ve got something negative to say then at least have the back bone to leave a name.”
    Mickael Broth, please feel free to let me know your second favorite establishment you frequent is, so that we can fight each other there.

    In regards to: -lolwut- “drooling mouth breather.”
    I do breath out of both my mouth and nostrils, also, I have graduated from elementary school.

    In regards to: -bopst- “the people that will be out of work appreciate your sentiment”
    I don’t blame the employees for the business failing, they just work there. If anything, you should be blaming the owners, not me-

  10. Scott Burger on said:

    I am sorry to hear that it is closing. I liked it.
    What will take it’s place?

  11. bopst on said:

    Taking pleasure in the hardships of others is so unbecoming.

    I’m thinking that maybe you should go somewhere nice and quiet, and once you are there alone and away from the rest of humanity, you should vigorously and with great moral purpose, go fuck yourself.

  12. Bernie on said:

    I will truly miss that place . They have done so much good with their benefits not to mention the excellent staff and great food.

    As for Down town watch. Ill be there tonight if your feeling jumpy . Jump little frog jump. Just ask the bartender to point you in my direction. Theses guys don’t deserve dip shit yelp comments like yours at this time so I will be happy to shut you the fuck up. Love ya

  13. Reighning Blows on said:

    moral suasion fuk yourself

  14. Reighning Blows on said:

    i always thought Robin was tres …. is she married

  15. Flipper on said:

    Place was kind of “meh”, not glad to see it go nor will I miss it. I’m sure whatever takes its place will be equally whatever.

  16. Trinko on said:

    This sucks. Al, Chris and everyone else there are swell people. I don’t get there too often these day (just too lazy) but it was alway nice to know it was there. I guess I’ll have to get off my ass and make one last visit. Cous Cous will be missed.

  17. Vdfreesince1983 on said:

    I went to a green day show once and new found glory opened for them, they sang good riddance before green day. It was pretty funny. And shhhhhhh Allison.

  18. Lots of friends loved this place for night time hang sesh. Damn good food! Too bad.

  19. Jimmy on said:

    Never ate there, but as a bar it was kinda “meh”. Not that the bartenders were particularly bad, but the lack of any decent specials and the jack booted thugs running the door kinda killed it for me. Hopefully everyone can find a new job and something cool will fill the void.

  20. fajir amin on said:

    Why is it closing? is business bad? I mean cous cous was a great place!

  21. Samantha on said:

    Hopefully something better will take its place :)

  22. Hugh Jarse on said:

    Sorry for those losing jobs, but it had the Yamashita curse: mediocre food, spotty service and a crowd that makes you remember why you stay home more often these days. :/

  23. Sylvester Tucker on said:

    Cous Cous closing truly sucks for RVA. And “Down Town Watch” person, I don’t believe anyone is trying to fight you, kind sir or madame. People just want you to be strong enough in your accusations and convictions to put your “real name” on your statement. So, if you can’t, then please, kindly and promptly, SHUT UP!

  24. Twain on said:

    Man, they had the best happy hour scene in town. Quiet, dark, right next to campus. This is bloody awful.

    BTW, thanks bopst for nailing that idiot.

  25. shakola on said:

    hey guys, i’m doing a video project on cous cous & i’m looking for people who are willing to do an on camera interview. (it’s only going to be viewed by my professor & classmates)

    i’m particularly interested in interviewing people who really love cous cous and/or have been going there for a long time. if you (or anyone you know of) would like to be interviewed for my project, please send me an email:

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