Country Style Donuts looks to expand to the West End

It looks as though it’ll be more convenient for some Richmonders to get their doughnut fix.

Country Style Donuts is close to completing a deal that will create an additional location in the West End, according to Waswa Nasserddine, the owner of the revered doughnut shop.

“We’re working on it,” Nasserddine said by phone this morning. She wouldn’t comment on the precise location, but said that she expects to finalize the deal within “a couple weeks.” One unverified rumor is that it will be the former Daylight Donuts in Glen Allen. Regardless, Nasserddine said her son will run the new location.

Country Style Donuts has operated since 1968, and is located at 4300 Williamsburg Road.

photo by John Murden

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Nathan Cushing

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  1. sherri v putnam on said:

    omg. that would be so great. i live in midlothian and drive 50 mins just for your old fashioned donuts. alwAys been my fav. best donuts around. i only live 22 mins from gaskins and broad. Hurry, hurry

  2. Tim Kay on said:

    Your donuts are GREAT!!! How about a southside location?

  3. Pudgy on said:

    I love your doughnuts! This rocks!

  4. Aaron on said:

    Where is the “old” Daylight Donuts? They’re not closing, right?

  5. Julie on said:

    What do you mean by the “former” Daylight Donuts? They haven’t moved or closed, unless you know something we don’t.

  6. Daylight Donuts was open last week.. I wonder if this means Daylight is selling to Country Style, that would be OK , even though Daylight has usually been much better about actually having donuts than my trips to Country Style.

  7. Daylight may be better about actually having donuts because the don’t have donuts I actually want to eat. I don’t wish for any business to close, but I would welcome Country Style taking over that spot.

  8. Haven’t heard much on this lately.. had been hoping there would be some news on this.

  9. Jessica Collins on said:

    Country style donuts needs to come further south! I drive 45 minutes each way to cheat on my diet with their glutinous, sugar coated deliciousness.

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