Class of 2011 Superlatives: Nominations

So you think you know Richmond pretty well, eh? Think you know the ins and outs and the Very Important People? Good! We’re putting together superlatives for the city and its citizens, and we need your help.

Ahhhh, high school: the engorged acne, the rampant and untamed sexual frustration, the Algebra test on Friday that you still haven’t studied for, and that weird guy Brian who keeps giving you creepy looks. While we may have moved on from the ever timorous and tumultuous time that was our miserable formative high school years, we can still think fondly of the end-of-the-year superlatives, when we recognized the best of the best of our classmates.

While lockers, rancid gym shorts, and cracked voices are a thing of the past, why can’t we relive one of the few joyous occasions of high school and superlative-ize the best of the best of Richmond?

It’s simple: take just a few moments and read over the categories below and then nominate any individual or group that you think best applies. The nomination process will run for about a week. You’ll then be able to vote on the nominees, and finally, we’ll announce the chosen ones winners shortly thereafter.

So get to nominating, and let your no-longer-cracked voice be heard!

Photo by: annnna_

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