City Council recognizes Louis Draper, approves Scott’s Addition development

Richmond photographer is honored, Parker Agelasto shaves his beard, and more from last night’s City Council meeting.

The agenda for the Monday May 13 City Council meeting (PDF) was a light one, with 11 of the 18 items either continued or withdrawn. The two possibly contentious items up for consideration (an SUP for 122 Tempsford Lane and reversal of the CAR decision regarding 2916 Monument Ave) were both continued to June 10th.

The highlight of the evening might have been the revelation that Parker Agelasto has shaved his beard.

The next City Council meeting will be on Tuesday, May 28th.

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Before getting to the agenda, a few recognitions were made:

  • May 18th – 24th as “Richmond Safe Boating Week”
  • Week of May 19th as Emergency Medical Services week
  • May 1013 as “Richmond Older Residents Month” — 44,700 residents (20% of the commnity) are age 55 and older.
  • Celebrate photographer and Richmond-native Louis H. Draper, who will be showing at the VMFA in 2014, the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in 2015, and currently at Pine Camp through June 20th.

The following appointments were made:

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Ordinances and Resolutions

PASSED Ord. No. 2013-87 Authorize the special use of 3408 and 3412 W. Moore Street for the purpose of permitting multifamily dwellings containing a total of up to 94 dwelling units. The buildings are currently zoned M-1 Light Industrial, which does not allow for residential use. Representatives for Dori Foods, a wholesale food distributer who has been operating on Norfolk Street since 1994, spoke against the SUP because of probable conflict with the current industrial uses in the area.

PASSED Ord. No. 2013-22 amends the City Code § 42-41 and changes the language over where “revenues from the sale, lease or other use of former school properties” goes. The code used to direct the money towards “operations of the School Board of the City of Richmond,” and now puts the money towards “capital repair or renovation of existing active school properties.”

PASSED Res. No. 2013-R105 designates which Council member serves on the Sister Cities Commission and removing the Council member serving as an alternate on the board of the Richmond Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.

PASSED Res. No. 2013-R115 (Patron: All Members of Council) To approve, in accordance with Ord. No. 2012-35-50, adopted May 14th, 2012, the written program outline and budget with projected outcomes for the Math Teacher Academy program, a copy of which is attached to this resolution, and to authorize the expenditure of $585,000 from the Innovation and Excellence in Education Special Fund to Richmond Public Schools Education Foundation, Inc.

CONTINUED Ord. No. 2012-29, Res. No. 2013-R47, Ord. No. 2013-10, Ord. No. 2013-80, Ord. No. 2013-95, Ord. No. 2013-96, Ord. No. 2013-97

WITHDRAWN Ord. No. 2013-98 To amend a section of the City Code for the purpose of establishing a permit process for valet parking on public streets.

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Citizen Comment Period

After consideration of the Regular Agenda, the floor was opened for citizen comment. To paraphrase the individual speakers (whose names I have guessed how to spell):

  • Earl Bradley • There is something screwy about the city’s procurement system
  • Stacey Squier • Sister of Christine Squier, urged council to take action against domestic violence
  • Helen McCollough • A retiree from the city of Richmond, saying that retirees are not treated fairly
  • Sara Morton • Thanks Mayor Jones and Ellen Robertson for support of Virginia Cooperative Extension
  • Art Burton • We need more resources for the public schools
  • Angela Dews (president of REA) • invest in public education
  • Kirsten Gray (Alliance for Progressive Values) • Opposes rebuilding of Overby-Sheppard at the expense of the needs of the other schools
  • Tichi Pinkney-Eppes (RPS School Board) • Some schools will be closed next year, we need money.
  • Jaqueline Snow • Good things are happening in Richmond Public Schools, but we have to do better about providing for the students. They needs books and computers.

Photo: 1968 by Louis Draper

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