Boobie Bushay and other awesome Susan G. Komen team names

Some of these team names for the Susan G. Komen race this weekend are awesome. I swear we didn’t make these up.

So, the Susan G. Komen race for the cure is this Saturday. If you’ve got some spare time at the crack of dawn (aka. 7am) head on down to Brown’s Island and experience some emotions.

Listen: through my veins pumps oil and synthetic lubricant, not the vibrant stuff of life, feelings, and emotions. But last year, when I saw all of those women lined up, sorted by number of years they’ve survived…wooboy. It is quite a site, one worth seeing!

Another great thing about this race is everyone is so super-freaking positive. To support that I give you two pieces of data. First: this amazing picture I took — on request — at last year’s race (warning: full-frontal neck beard):

Second, below is the official list of team names participating in the Race. I did not make up any of these, I swear. Easily my favorite: Boobie Bushay.

  • “The Girls” Gone Wild
  • Anna’s Bananas
  • Bankrupting Breast Cancer
  • Besties for Breasties
  • Betty’s Breast Friends
  • Bonkers for Knockers
  • Boobie Bushay
  • Bunco Babes for Breasts
  • Cancer Ain’t for Sissies
  • Classy Cleavage
  • Cups Running Over
  • Defending Our Cleavage
  • Got Boobies?
  • Monk’s Bosom Buddies
  • Pegarita’s Senoritas
  • Pink Tacos
  • Rack Pack
  • Richmond BMW for TATAS!
  • Save The Boobs Crew
  • Simply the Breast
  • Team Boobylicious
  • Team MargariTa-Taville II
  • The Bear Breasts
  • The Girls Just Want to Have Fun
  • These Boobs Are Made For Walking
  • Two for the Road

If you can’t make it out to the Race but still want to contribute somehow, someway, you can alway make a donation on their website!

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