Beer News: Scott’s Addition gets boozier, pinball gets more fun, and you’ll probably get tipsier

More smoky beers, sour beers, and cider. Life is spectacular.

More like Scott’s Alcoddition…?

Karri Peifer with the news that Blue Bee Cider is moving to Scott’s Addition. Note! The plan, assuming all the Ps are dotted and Qs crossed, will be for Richmond’s urban cidery to relocate to Scott’s Addition, not expand. I’m not sure what that means for Manchester, but for the Addition it means decreasing the already insane resident-to-boozebiz ratio (Isley Brewing Company, Ardent Craft Ales, Black Heath Meadery, and the forthcoming Buskey Cider). After consulting my totally scientific source, that ratio will stand at 83 Scott’s Addition residents for every alcohol-making establishment. A brewery for every resident, I say!

Just an FYI, Legend was one of the folks bidding on this property. Is a move or expansion in the future for Richmond’s ancestral brewhouse? I have no data regarding that claim.

Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve played the silver ball

Pinball is empirically awesome. So, I would assume, Isley Brewing Company’s pinball tournament this coming Sunday will also be awesome. And, just so we’re clear, “the main tournament will be a three strike tournament using a Swiss Brackelope: Tournament Builder format.” OK!

Related: a new addition to Triple Crossing’s tasting room.

Smokey Beer says only you can prevent sobriety1

This Saturday, the Capital Ale House out in Midlothian will host the Copper Fox Brewfest and Mesquite Challenge. This is your chance to sample all of those smoky beers I’ve been talking about over the last couple weeks. Breweries on hand with a smoky brew include: Adroit Theory, Alewerks, Center of the Universe, Hardywood Park, Isley, Lickinghole Creek, Midnight, O’Connor, St. George, and Three Notch’d. $20 gets you ten taster tickets, which, whoa generous.

Sour Patch Kids

Folks from New Belgium will stop by the Answer tonight, May 15th, to give a Sour Symposium. Lauren and Eric Salazar will teach you the ins and outs of making and blending sour beer. This sounds awesome! Tickets are $45, and the first session has already out, so hurry up if you wanna pucker up.

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Dogfish Head, which just turned 20, recently tried and failed to rebuild and expand their restaurant on Rehoboth Beach. Sayeth Rehoboth Beach Mayor, “Restaurants don’t always stay restaurants. Sometimes they become nightclubs after 10:00 PM at night.” Many such amazing quotes abound in this piece.

You guys, Oberon is delicious, am I right? Apparently not according to this guy over at Deadspin who thinks it’s overrated, but admittedly just barely overrated enough to make a clickbaity headline.

Takeovers and releases and things

  • Hardywood will release their second Brewer & Artist collaboration this weekend. The beer: Hardywood Evelyn, a Session IPA that clocks in a 4.9% and 45 IBUs, brewed by Kevin Storm. The artist: Mike Baker, who brings some tattoo-inspired art to the label.
  • Saturday is IPA All Day at Ardent. They’ll have nine true IPAs, a pale ale, an IPL, and some cask IPAs. Ardent does this neat thing where you can order a bunch of IPAs that are all similar except for the hops used–gotta taste ’em all!
  • Here’s the weirdest (but maybe best) takeover I’ve seen yet: Lickinghole Creek will host a Strangeways tap invasion this Saturday.

‘Gramming with @lccb_farmbrews

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