Beer News: Mead, awards, gravity, puns, and Slimer

Help Ardent test out some new beers, try some new-old mead, vote for Mekong of course, and remember the 80s.

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Pilot to co-pilot

Tonight, Ardent hosts their 3rd Pilot Night–a chance for you to try pilot batches of beer that they may never again see the inside of a glass. Beers include:

  • Gluten-free Belgian Lawnmower Beer • 4% ABV
  • Prohibition Pils • 5.5% ABV
  • 404 Weizen Bock • 6.3% ABV

I asked Ardent if they make the gluten-free beer using that magic enzyme or with gluten-free ingredients, and they said it’s the latter plus they use a gluten-free yeast–which I did not know was a thing.

Finally, Original Gravity opens a brewery

Last week saw the opening of Final Gravity, the brewery attached to the Original Gravity homebrew store. Robey Martin at Richmond Magazine tells me that they have nine beers on tap including an Irish Goodbye Stout, which, obviously, is not an Irish Stout. SOLID PLAY ON WORDS ALERT.

Be the Queen Bee

Drink old-style mead this coming Tuesday at the Virginia Historical Society! Don’t worry, it’s not old mead, just mead made in the old style, like really, really old style (circa 1802). These History on Tap events are really neat, and I hope the VHS at least puts together a couple more.

Mekong forever

If you must, you can vote for America’s best beer bar. At this point, is it even worth it? We all know Mekong’s going to dominate the competition. Sorry lesser beer bars in lesser parts of the country! Although, I guess you’d want to make sure Mekong doesn’t get Eric Cantor’d…

Growler fills on the south side of the river

O’Toole’s now offers growler fills! This applies to those of you that live on the Southside and are in need of more places to fill your growlers. Other options: Crossroads, Boka Grill & Growlers, and Legend.

— ∮∮∮ —


The delicious Founders All Day IPA is fueling a $40 million expansion to that brewery. That’s a lot of folks drinking a lot of session beer!

Don’t worry, this Ecto Cooler-inspired beer is not made with Hi-C Ecto-Cooler (RIP).

Other releases, takeovers, and things

‘Gram: @hardywood

Whoa, whoa, whoa: Hardywood and Trader Joe’s are in cahoots with this Hibiscus Tripel! Available at Virginia stores or at the brewery starting…now!

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