Beer News: Even doughnut day can be turned into beer day!

Women are such amazing beer writers, says this…man. But also, Stone Brewing Co. is hiring, new beers are everywhere, and the best recommendation for beer + doughnuts.

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Don’t be gross

The newest issue of Style Weekly’s quarterly beer mag, Growler, dropped this week. You can find it snuggled deep inside of your regular Style Weekly, or you can get at most of it right here. From within said special issue, you should check out Brews in the Breeze — a look at local brewery options for summer drinking. Missing on this list is Ardent’s Session IPL, which–despite its contradictory and confusing name1–is my leading choice for a summer brew. It’s easy to drink, filled with flavors, and I could drink 100.

PS. Almost all of the bylines in this submagazine belong to women, which is wonderful! Maybe once local brewers realize all of our town’s beer writers are women, they’ll be less inclined to slap a crass double entendre on their next release. Or maybe we should all just put a moratorium on that kind of stuff because it’s gross?

Probably the next brewery

The RTD’s Annie Tobey has the updates on Original Gravity’s soon-to-open nanobrewery, aptly called Final Gravity. I’m into these preexisting spots opening breweries with clever names, like Mekong and The Answer. They’re still working on all the different permits and paperwork, but sounds like fresh beer could flow from the Northside before summer’s end.

Stone Jobination

Have we talked about how Stone Brewing Co. has posted Richmond-based jobs on their job board? I can’t remember. Anyway, they’ve got four jobs open now: three Brewery Project Engineers and one Project Manager. If you’ve ever wanted to work in a brewery as a Packaging Engineer or maybe an Instrumentation & Controls engineer THE TIME IS NOW.

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If you’ve got smug beer haters in your social feeds, then I’m sure you’ve already seen this.

Lol at this opening sentence: “Gov. Maggie Hassan on Tuesday bravely protected the state’s infant grocery shoppers from being seduced into tipsy toddlerhood by sinister beer mongers.

Would you like to know lots more about the women who’ve owned breweries over the last couple decades and how they’re all awesome?

Here’s a snootytoots list of beer pairings for National Doughnut Day. Here’s my suggested pairing: a High Life and a doughnut.

Takeovers and releases and things

‘Gramming with @bluebeecider

  1. I’m just now realizing that this may be exactly the point? 
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