Avatar is back and it’s flying around your heads this weekend

Have you SEEN Cirque du Soleil? Have you SEEN James Cameron’s Avatar? OK, well, how about this: Have you seen them both together?

If you ask anybody who professed to love Avatar back in 2009, they’ll excuse themselves from your eyebrow raising by pointing out that it was a brilliant piece of CGI art for the late Aughts.1

And brilliant pieces of art are Cirque du Soleil’s specialty! What better partnership than two visual masterminds (counting the entire CdS as one mastermind, which is probably inaccurate) (come to think of it, Avatar probably had the equivalent of like 100 CdS casts working for them too).

Anyway, you can check out Cirque’s tribute to the great blue wise and peaceful aliens with “Toruk–The First Flight.”

It “envisions a world beyond imagination set thousands of years before the events depicted in the film,” which sounds pretty sweet. Plus, I bet these guys won’t let computerized images of themselves do their stunts for them. No sirree!

  • November 27 – November 29th • see site for times
  • The Coliseum, 601 E. Leigh Street
  • $30 – $112



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Ross Catrow

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