Ask Lauren: Valentine’s Day edition

Valentine’s Day means different things to different people, but one thing that’s fairly consistent is the desire to consume dinner in a place other than your own dining room.

Friday is Valentine’s Day. This means different things to different people, but one thing that’s fairly consistent is the desire to consume dinner in a place other than your own dining room. Below you’ll find two suggestions each for four different relationship statuses–something for everyone!

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  1. Secco — Small, dark, and romantic, Secco will blow your mind with their menu and their top-notch wine selection–things that will definitely help make a good impression. In addition to the regular menu, they’re offering a $35 ($55 with an all-italian wine pairing) prix fixe menu which had me at buratta.
  2. Edo’s Squid — Located a the top of a narrow, dark staircase that totally doesn’t look like a “second location” a killer would take you, Edo’s is one of my most favorite places to eat in the city. It’s loud in there, which is great as it will force you and your prospective mate to get intimate (and shout at each other).


  1. Acacia — Acacia has crushed it since before RVA was all “locally sourced” this and “organically hand picked by free-range leprechauns” that. It’s classic and definitely one of the best spots to take your better half for a dinner away from home. They’re also offering a special $60, four-course menu for the big V-Day.
  2. Rappahannock — “People” say that oysters are an aphrodisiac. You know what I say is an aphrodisiac? An excellent bar program, which Rappahannock has in spades. So come for a round of oysters, stay for a magnificent drink, and then stick around for some of the city’s best seafood prepared by one of this town’s Big Deal chefs.

With kids

  1. Proper Pie — If you simply must spend Valentine’s Day with a kid, you could do far worse than spending it at Proper Pie. Hey, it’s an entire restaurant centered around pie! What’s not to like? Their savory pies are great, the sweet pies delicious, and sitting at the adorable little counter is a pleasant way to hang with a tiny human.
  2. Best Cafe — The cafeteria-style atmosphere is casual enough to trick your kid into thinking they’re at some chain restaurant. But no! This is the Best Cafe; it’s in the VMFA for Pete’s sake! The food’s good, and there’s wine for the adults.

It’s complicated

  1. Postbellum — Ah Postbellum! Home of the incredible $3, 12-ounce Virginia beer happy hour! Its big and spacious bar area is perfect for hangouts that may require an extra wingman or buffer. Protip: order the rosemary smoked peanuts, your life may depend on it.
  2. Max’s on Broad — Do you like delicious Belgian beers? Of course you do, you aren’t some sort of weird beard. Max’s on Broad offers tons of Belgians and quite a few sours. It also has huge floor-to-ceiling windows, you know, to prevent things from getting too weird.
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