Ask Lauren: Finding new friends, the best Chinese food, and a Bloody Mary brunch

This week we ask Lauren where to get the best Chinese food, find a great Bloody Mary, and meet some new friends.

Now, through the magic of the internet, you too can ask Lauren your myriad food-related questions. Well, technically, you can leave your questions in the comments below, I’ll ask Lauren, and then I’ll let you know what she says. It’s like the three-legged stool of restaurant recommendations.

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My parents, who are about to celebrate their 40th year of marriage, are looking to meet some fun, new friends in the city. Where can they go to meet some like-minded awesome people?

Aww man, you should have asked a couple weeks ago! Secco in Carytown just had the best wine class that would have been perfect. But worry not! Secco hosts regular, wine-centric events that are a perfect excuse to get out of the house and schmooze a bit in a natural and totally not awkward way. I mean, what could possibly be awkward after a couple glasses of red!

Keep an eye on their events page for their next, sure to be rad, set of happenings!

Simple question: where’s the best Chinese food in Richmond?

Simple answer: Peter Chang China Café.

Guys, Peter Chang is the real deal. Bon Appétit named the China Café one of the 50 best new restaurants in the country…like, the country of America. Chang’s Szechuan-style Chinese food is spicy, authentic, and unlike anything you’ll find at your neighborhood takeout joint. If you’re not in the Short Pump area, this is well worth the drive!

Pro tip(s): dry-fried eggplant, hot and numbing dry beef, and the spicy dan dan noodles.

My partner is brunch obsessed. I’ll dutifully tag along, but I simply must have a Bloody Mary! Where can we go to satisfy both of our addictions?

Heritage’s brunch should satiate both of your cravings. Their brunch menu has all of the typical fare, but everything’s done way over the top–in a good way! Some of our favorites include the biscuits & gravy, the chicken & waffles, and the benny. The menu is deep and has a little something for everyone including vegan options, gluten free options, and a couple of interesting items like a bowl of ramen. Their Bloody Mary follows suit, and comes as spicy as you want, made with the liquor you prefer, and adorned with toppings that make for an excellent small bite before your food arrives.

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