April’s new restaurants: Jus’ Fish, jus’ ramen, jus’ more Vasaio and Kuba

Four new restaurants came screaming into the world last month, ready for you to grab a knife and fork (or chopsticks) and get eating.

Jus’ Fish

April 9th

Jus’ Fish is just that: fish. Well, that’s slightly misleading as they also have coleslaw, potato salad, seasoned fries, and slices of white bread. Fried food gently set atop a slice of white bread, covered in fries is definitely something I can get behind–and plan on getting behind many times in the near future.

Shoryuken Ramen

April 13th

Ramen is delicious. A very large percentage of the world already knew this, but it took us until fairly recently to figure it out. Luckily we have a couple of options, including this newest one, named after a sweet move in Street Fighter. Stop by the old Cous Cous spot (RIP dance night) and order a bowl–make sure you get the shio based broth! It’s so very!

Rancho T

April 15th

It’s like an early aughts mashup in restaurant form! The enigmatic Ed Vasaio (from Edo’s Squid, Mamma Zu, 8 1/2, and Dinamo) joined forces with Q Barbeque’s less enigmatic Tuffy Stone to create Rancho T. Expect Latin-American food with some safer options for those of you who may be less adventurous than a goat stew.

Kuba Kuba Dos

April 27th

Kuba Kuba was doing famous Richmond Restaurants before we all started drowning in regular, if slightly condescending, national press. Now the Fan classic has a second spot out in the fuzzy grey area between the Near West End and the True West End at 403 N. Ridge Road. Expect all of the favorites you’ve come to Instagram like the empanadas, black bean soup, and, of course, the tres leches cake.

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Ross Catrow

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