Agricultural education goes beyond “Old McDonald”

If you’re the mother of a young child, you know all the old standard kid hang outs in Richmond. So, when a new place pops up, we are there like white on rice. RVANews sent my kids and I to check out the latest addition at the Children’s Museum of Richmond: The Little Farm.

If you are the mother of a young child, chances are you know all the old standard baby and kid hang outs in Richmond. We spend the better part of our lives at these places, especially during the hot summer months and dark winter days. When a new place pops up, we are there like white on rice. We can’t resist. RVANews sent my kids and I to check out the latest addition at the Children’s Museum of Richmond. The Little Farm is the new play exhibit for children ages 0-3.

“I think it’s gonna be fantastic, fantastic I tell you.” My six year old Jack said as we got into the car. Funny since this exhibit was not even designed for his age and development. It didn’t even matter though, he was right, it was fantastic.

The farm theme is chock full of developmentally appropriate opportunities for learning. The Crawler Patch is perfect for new sitters and crawlers. Small soft climbing objects and plush vegetables can be moved around for little ones working on their gross motor skills.

The big hit was the Farmer’s market truck where vegetables just picked from the soft farm land can be loaded. Even the tiniest drivers can make it work. Lyra was delirious over the driving power.


The exhibit sports a double slide which let’s face it, is pure genius. Every toddler in America is still learning to take their turn. After sliding a gagillion times, Lucy and Lyra spent the next 30 minutes feeding the barn animals and listening to their sounds.


Kids can catch fish to learn colors and sorting in the boat and fishing section. The farm house with a full kitchen calls to all the dramatic players in the bunch. I have to tell you though, the piece de resistance was the enormous cow that you can milk. While I found it mildly gross, the kids were beside themselves. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to pretend to milk a cow, with a real liquid coming out.


The museum thinks of everything with a nursing room and place to change diapers in the exhibit. Find out more about The Little Farm and other programming for little ones here.

All the Salgado’s agreed it was all that, and a bag of chips, or carrots. Whatever the healthy analogy grown on a farm should be.

(Want to see more pictures?)

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Patience Salgado

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  1. Wow, this looks awesome.

  2. I’m really excited about the Crawler Patch. While museums around town have a ton to offer the toddler set, it’s nice to see something for the ones that are a bit smaller than that.

  3. What surprised me the most was how much Lyra loved it, like pure baby joy. Who knew?

  4. Christi on said:

    I LOVE the exhibit! My 3 year old and 7 month old thoroughly enjoyed themselves. You did a great job on the article, Patience. Your pictures say SOOOO much!! Your girls are gorgeous! Thanks for the input about the museum…we can’t wait to go back!

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