Ads coming to the James

I’ve seen the future of advertising and it’s under water.

Aqua Adverts is hoping to make a splash by bringing a new type of advertising to Richmond. It will be unobtrusive to most but will be easily seen by those on and in the river. Using a special polymer large, in some cases up to 10 feet wide, billboard type advertisements will be attached under water to rocks in the James River. These ads will be able to be seen by those in the river and thus will be targeted for that audience. In locations where the rocks are not large enough a concrete pad will be place to allow a secure location for the signage.

Aqua Adverts says that previous successful campaigns in the Colorado River included Teva’s, Sunscreen and energy bars.

To keep the signs clear of algae every month they’ll be wiped down with a chemical solution that company spokesman S. Cuba  stated, “has minimal impact on most life, except that right around the area of application”.

When city officials were asked about the plan they stated, “You know we’re really not getting much monetary value from the James, so this is a great deal for the city and citizens. We get money in the city coffers and river goers get information about great products.”

Expect to see the first signs go up or more accurately down later this spring. Find out more about Aqua Adverts here.


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Richard Hayes

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