A closer look at Legend Brewing’s Oyster Stout

Sometimes a bad sounding idea comes out tasting wonderfully.

When I first read about Oyster Stout coming to Legend I turned up my nose. I am however a curious beer drinker so last time I was at Legend I tried a sample I was pleasantly surprised. The beer was very smooth, a hint of the sea certainly not a tidal wave,  and definitely nothing to get in the way of the stouty goodness.

I’m a beer drinker not The Beer Guy from RTD. He takes much more detailed look at Legend Brewing’s Teach’s Oyster Stout.

The brewers met at St. George in the midst of a snowstorm and commenced concocting a 30-barrel batch. Rathmann had procured about a bushel of medium-salinity whole oysters from a Hampton supplier, and the bivalves were added, cleaned but unshucked, in the last quarter of the boil.

“The real uncertainty in the whole process was how well the oysters would come through in the finished product,” Rathmann said.

They discovered that it takes “absurd quantities” in the boil to produce an oystery flavor, Wampler said. “What the brewer can hope to achieve is a bit of a silky body and faint hint of brine to complement the roasty malt character.”

“I think we hit a home run,” Rathmann added.

Image: Legend Brewing Facebook

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