5 Things: ¿Qué Pasa? Friday Cheers, terrariums, fun art, and eight hours of beery music

Much music, but also some art. And some making of plant-art. And a festival. Always a festival.

Update #1 — May 1, 2015; 10:12 AM

Sadly, Shakey Graves will not be performing at Friday Cheers due to a personal thing. Instead, you’ll get double the Yarn!

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Original — April 30, 2015

1. Quirk’s Last Reception (In Its Old Place, That Is)

Quirk Gallery, the–dare I say it–most fun gallery in all of town is moving to its new space (down over by the forthcoming Quirk Hotel). Their receptions are legendary for being welcoming, charming, and magnetic, in that you will probably not leave without buying some jewelry or maybe even a piece of art. This reception marks a bittersweet good-bye to the ol’ 311 W. Broad Street place, celebrating its very last exhibit, Sarah Hand‘s “Asleep in the Stars.” As a tribute to the spot that’s been so good to them for so long, they will be playing a medley of 311 hits. It’s your mix, Quirk. Congratulations! (They will not really be playing 311, one would hope.)

  • Thursday, April 30th • 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Quirk Gallery (for a limited time), 311 W. Broad Street
  • Free to attend!

2. Friday Cheers: Shakey Graves and Yarn

What could I possibly say about this guy and his Sufjan-like face that Ross Catrow hasn’t said already. Friday Cheers kicks off its season of wonderment this very week.

  • Friday, May 1st • 6:30 PM
  • Brown’s Island
  • $5

3. Pop Up Plant Party

Glass Gardens has teamed with Pasture to present an afternoon of sitting on the patio, making terrariums, and drinking some of Beth Dixon’s delicious (and promised to be plant-themed) cocktails. I’m sorry to say that I snagged two spots already, because I have always wanted to make a terrarium but was intimidated by my own non-craftiness, and also: patios and cocktails. My terrarium will probably include a tiny miniature scene of the terrarium-making class–that is how excited I am about it. That will in turn include an even tinier even more miniature scene, and so on and so on, forever.

  • Saturday, May 2nd • 2:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Pasture, 416 E. Grace Street
  • $30 (email Michele to register, then pay at the event via cash, check, or credit

4. ¿Qué Pasa? Festival

I heard this thing on NPR about how Spanish-speaking Americans use the :( emoji more than any other demographic. Look at this dang festival! I find that emoji business hard to believe! Last year the festival (which is in its 13th iteration) brought 9,000 people to the canal walk to celebrate Latin American culture–food, dance, music, you name it. In other news……..THEY ARE TRACKING OUR EMOJI USAGE!

  • Saturday, May 2nd • 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Canal Walk
  • Free!

5. Music Marathon

The Richmond Symphony brings a shload of musicians (not necessarily Symphony players, but ones that are affiliated with or related to them to kick out the jams while the rest of us drink beer. It’s eight hours of straight music, with people sponsoring musicians and raising money for the symphony and just admiring a wall made of barrels. Is anything in those barrels? What if they’re full of gunpowder, and the crew from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is going to shoot a flaming arrow into it and rescue their buddies from the gallows? What if the stage is a gallows!!?!? Just confirmed: the stage is not a gallows. We are free and clear to get comfortably buzzed while listening to a marathon of music.

Photo by: Joelk75

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