5 Things: Music, storytelling, nightriding, soccer, and more music

Ride at night, twing and twang, feel weird, kick things around, and jam out. It’s the weekend.

Photo by: Mr. Objective, “Stròlic Furlàn” – Davide Gabino, jurvetson, Fraser Mummery, and Storm Crypt

Richmond Bluegrass Festival

Some people are into green grass, some into pink. Myself, I prefer the bluest of blue. Preferably a deep sea blue that I can stare into while the twangs surround me. Hardywood gives me this opportunity for the second year running. Their Richmond Bluegrass Festival features many hours of bluegrass excitement with the Hot Seats, the Whiskey Rebellion, River City Band, East of Afton, and the Ragged Mountain String Band. That’s a lot of mountain references in one lineup!

  • Saturday, August 22nd • 2:00 PM
  • Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, 2408 Ownby Lane
  • Free to attend!

The Pumpkin Pie Show and Commencement

I saw the Pumpkin Pie Show many, many years ago, and it stuck with me like actual pie on my actual hips. I’m so glad Clay McLeod is still doing his thing. It reminded me a ton of the feeling I got as a kid when reading Dr. Dredd’s Wagon of Wonders and maybe the feeling I got as an older kid reading Something Wicked this Way Comes. Well, now I just want to go read creepy Southern gothic fantasy. Or Clay McLeod Chapman’s books. I love when a native Richmonder does something nationally amazing!

  • Friday, August 21st – Sunday, August 23rd • see site for times
  • Raymond Hodges Theatre, 922 Park Avenue
  • $15 ($13 for VCU students)

Anthem Moonlight Ride

The Biggest Bike Race of All™! Well, it’s big in our hearts. The Anthem Moonlight Ride is a legit fun way to ride your bike around the city in the dark among many people with glowsticks, all on a protected roadway. Super fun, plus “full moon” (15-mile) and “half moon” (8-mile) options. If you think you need the full spandex getup and a competitive road bike for this, you are mistaken. I did it wearing jean shorts on my regular old bike, and it was relaxing as all get-out.

  • Saturday, August 22nd • 8:00 PM
  • Begins at Sports Backers Stadium, 100 Avenue of Champions
  • $50 for adults, $25 for kids

Richmond Kickers Family Fest

Get your ENTIRE family into this weekend’s Kickers game for just $20 if you get there before 6:30 PM. During which they will battle Saint Louis FC. TO THE DEATH. Or to the pain, highness. Life IS pain. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something (probably a T-shirt for the doomed Saint Louis team).

  • Saturday, August 22nd • 5:30 PM (is when the party starts with lots of family t hings)
  • City Stadium, 3201 Maplewood Avenue
  • $20

Commonwealth of Notions Presents…Volume 5

This homegrown and lovingly curated festival of local live music continues in FULL FORCE. Check out shows at Strange Matter on Friday, Sound of Music on Saturday, and the Broadberry on Sunday! Bands this weekend include the reunion of Wow Owls! as well as Big No, Everyone Dies in the End, Ultra Flake, the Mad Extras, and Victorious Trees. Oh, and Toxic Moxie, Gull, Lobo Marino, Among the Rocks and Roots, Canary Oh Canary, Warren Hixson, White Laces, and Mikrowaves. I just died of exhaustion.

  • Friday August 21st – Sunday, August 23rd • see sites for times
  • Strange Matter, Sound of Music, and the Broadberry
  • $5
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